I just wasted an hour on facebook

Yes, I just wasted an hour on facebook looking through my past pictures. AND this, for golly, was one of the best times in my life. THIS WAS SO FUN!!! (located in Taiwan). That’s me standing up…sigh. good times.  I woke up and was disappointed everyone was gone, I thought my mom had forgot about my bday. Went to eat with friend, took a midterm at school (easy), and then drove home because there was bday cake waiting for me, then went out to eat korean food with friends.

One thing I miss – being the center of attention, dancing at orange clockwork and everyone just like gawking at me. What in the world has possess this girl, she doesn’t give a beep about what others think! I miss that. Hopefully I can find some place in Asia to get my dance on for the summer.


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