You Are The Creator Of Your Life


Nothing is real save love. Nothing matters but love.

I’ve walked everywhere for one week now, no use of my car. It’s allowed me to reach some spiritual awakenings in my soul.

‘Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.’

Here goes:

There is no lack, but perceived lack. Nothing is real outside of what is within our consciousness. Anything that desires to be manifest will be manifest in its due time. Any areas of strivings are evidence that you do not know you have 100% power within you as long as you know you are complete in God, as God has redeemed you…as long as you have received the free gift of completion.

Since you are 100% complete and whole, and in your inner reality, there are actually no lack, no problems…since these external concerns are simply deviations from self love or the knowledge that you are loved.

What is real is who you are on the inside. Until you come to see that you are creator of your life, you will keep striving for that which you think you lack within. All progress starts from within.

When you receive perfect love from God- in the eyes of God you become pure, perfect; there is no lack. Thus, we are all remembering who we already are in the future. There is no time in the I AM. You are who you are, there is no time, we live forever…our spirits are eternal beings. Our bodies are simply temporary dwellings which our spirits live in.

Any perceived problems, lack, relational conflicts, divorce, breakups, heart breaks are our hearts telling us “things are supposed to be beautiful, eternal, things are supposed to last”.

Our lives are like spirals, there are perceived backwardness, such as losing our careers, relationships, people, but these are necessary seasons just as winter is necessary for summer to come later.

When people accuse you of not giving them love, it is often because they do not acknowledge love is within them and waiting to be received. People also treat you as they treat themselves. If they judge you, they judge themselves harshly. If they demean you, they demean themselves in their own lives. Now you say that people have hurt you, but if we start to see that people act out of their perceived lack (not knowing that love is realized in their consciousness first), you are then not responsible for how they feel. 

Your worth does not come from whether people approve or love you. Love is complete within you, so whether someone likes you or not does not affect how you feel. You are devoid of ego, only spirit.

This is intense stuff but I hope you gained something from this blog post.


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3 thoughts on “You Are The Creator Of Your Life

  1. Wow, what an excellent post! I have been on a spiritual journey over the past few years, and I am starting to draw the same conclusions, you described above. Thank you. Gia.

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