5 Ways To Travel Cheap

Most people think they need thousands of dollars, tens of thousands to travel so they NEVER do it.

Well, it’s actually quite affordable if you’re willing to tumble a little in bunk beds, like little kids do. I don’t mind it, I can sleep anywhere, I’m the best plane sleeper. I fall asleep right when I buckle up and even before they make those important announcements about flotations or something. I can sleep for hours on buses and time usually goes by pretty fast for me since I do my reflection on there.


Amsterdam hostel, if you can sleep to clubbing music then you should go to this hostel. There’s a cute little cat I like to nap with.

#1 Way

Stay at hostels —

These are the hostels I’ve stayed at:

Hootananny hostel- about 15 pounds in the 8 bed room  (London)

Leidseplein Hostel- about 9.99 Euros in a 12 bed room (Amsterdam)

Okay, get ready for this, I just booked hostels in Prague for 2.5 euros, I know, I’m not sure if I booked the right maximum amount of nights so I hope it worked, but that is about 25 euros for 10 nights.

So basically I’m staying around 15 US dollars for each night.

#2 Way


If you’re like me, you love cooking, well I love it.

I’ve made loads of good foods, including ramen (well, that’s not THAT great, but throw in an egg or kale and you got a gourmet ramen which would probably have cost 15 euros).

#3 Way

Go to free museums and free parks

#4 Way 

Find a friend to crash with 🙂

#5 Way 

Don’t drink too much —-money goes fast if you drink too much (alcohol) obviously, save your liver and pregame, or just save your liver.

OH by the way,


Drawing and lounging



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