Why It’s Important to Trust People – DUH

Learning to trust may not be an easy thing.

Learning to trust yourself, trust the universe, trust in your friends, trust people, trust a bus driver that almost crashed into another car, or fell asleep at the wheel, trusting that while today might not be your last day on this earth, you’ll be alright. Life is much easier when you can learn to trust people. I did not grow up trusting people, I was told to trust myself and God. People were not included in the equation. I learned to do everything myself, but realized that I became sort of a control freak.

Now it’s not always easy to let go and to trust people, but it’s always important to trust that you are trustworthy enough that you attract trustworthy people. Now, there’s something about asking for help, whether it’s at a hostel or on a street and simply being vulnerable that allows others to help you. It’s also important, if you believe in a higher power, that that higher power nudges at people and gives people the desire to help you. So actually, nothing on this earth is done without people. People are always in the equation, unless some house falls from the sky and provides shelter for you, you will always have to deal and work with people.

This means you can’t be a hermit, you’ll have to trust people you do business with, people you talk to or ask for directions, people who cooks your food, people who drives the metro, etc. Once you are out the door, you are constantly having complete certainty that you will not flip over and fall into some abyss, because you have faith that reality is real.


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Rebekka Lien (writing from Berlin)

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