How Law Of Attraction Has Worked In My Life


I am a huge believer that your mind, your thoughts makes who you are. The very substance of your being is your mind because before you do something, you think about it. You think about getting a cup of coffee, so you get up from the couch and make coffee, or perhaps you go out to buy coffee. Everything you do forms from your mind, perhaps even deeper, your desires. 

I have seen the law of attraction work in my life, though since I also believe in the existence of God, I know that God created human beings to be super powers, creators of our own lives. People like to separate spirituality from science, but I believe that with proven quantum physics, etc, that we are miracle workers, every single one of us.

Now, I have always gotten exactly what I wanted in life. Sometimes I complain that I don’t have enough, but I think that I never asked for that much because my hidden desires were not what I asked for. Instead, I asked for dollar amount. The dollar amount if empty, it has no value. It is the desire to which you would like to use the dollars for that drives the universe. For example, perhaps you want to make $500,000 or become a millionaire, but you have no reason for why you want to make that much money….then you will not attain it because you have no good reason for it.

Instead, ask for that which you want to experience in life, such as traveling, attaining some clothes, goods, having a remodeled kitchen, car, going on a trip with friends, getting a scuba diving license, etc. You see, sometimes I wonder whether I am truly a success in life, I’m 26 and some people in my life (which I have kicked out of my life) thought that I was living an unstable life. But I have been able to do everything I have wanted to do in life and the only thing that made me feel unsuccessful was thinking about what others thought about me. Why do we focus on those few leeches when most people are cheering you on? Let go of those people, fast. 

Being rich isn’t about having dollar amounts in the bank account, it’s about being able to live the life you want. So you have to know what you want to do with your life, what you want and who you want to live it with.

I am truly blessed because I have always challenged the world, grasped my dreams and ran with it. Some people think I’m crazy but I’ve been able to travel to Australia, Ecuador, Brazil, Taiwan and Europe in the last 3 years while being self-employed, I’ve been able to lounge on beaches, live in bigger and bigger places with sheer will, and sometimes not knowing where money would come from. You see, the universe conspires for you, for your dreams if only you will dream, if only you will ACT upon your dreams. God is waiting to see HOW MUCH you actually want your dreams. 

I was willing to clean out my apartment before I went on my trip because yes, I will sell everything I have, all my material possessions for a few days on the road, to meet strangers who become friends, to experience a transcendental transformation inside and out, to experience miracles, to challenge myself to the unknown.

You see, this is the attitude that gets you what you want in life. I am willing to do anything it takes to get what I want. Most people don’t, they’re not willing to leave their comfort zone. They say, “I want this, but only if it is easy or if I can go with a friend”. You must become the person who will be able to contain what you want, a steward of that which you attract. 

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