3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are The Most Stable People


I have been called unstable because I have a vision. How ironic. I have been called unstable because I choose to leave my home and travel to the unknown and foreign land by myself, and be inspired by the road.

People don’t have to understand the vision, but people really don’t need to judge. But most people judge because they are jealous of you, because most people are scared of change. Enjoy my commentary.

According to Merriam-Webster:


adjective \-ˈstā-bəl\

: likely to change

: not emotionally or mentally healthy

: not held in a secure position : likely to move or fall

Full Definition of UNSTABLE

:  not stable :  not firm or fixed :  not constant: as- It’s so hilarious because life is unfixed, life is constantly changing even if you choose to hold onto anything, you are constantly getting older, your body is always aging, you are either growing or digressing, pick what you may.

a :  not steady in action or movement :  irregular <an unstable pulse>- How ironic. Entrepreneurs are CONSTANTLY moving.

b :  wavering in purpose or intent :  vacillating- Entrepreneurs have 1 purpose, to figure out a better way of life, business, and lifestyle. They are searching for more, they are searching for truth, for a better and faster way to make more income in less time. Entrepreneurs survive in tough times BECAUSE they have a purpose. 

c :  lacking steadiness :  apt to move, sway, or fall <an unstable tower> – Entrepreneurs are not SWAYED by peoples’ judgements, they survive even when their closest friends and family tell them unfathomable judgements. 

d (1) :  liable to change or alteration <an unstable economy> <unstable weather> (2) :  readily changing (as by decomposing) in chemical or physical composition or in biological activity- I mean, this really cracks me up. If people think entrepreneurs are unstable, I mean, isn’t that just life? There are ups and downs, entrepreneurs simply learn to RIDE THE WAVE.

e :  characterized by lack of emotional control- I think it’s more like EXPRESSING ourselves. Most people are so suppressed, they just suffocate their emotions and pretend everything is okay. At least we learn to healthily express our emotions so that we can continue creating new ideas, new projects, new works of art, new innovations. We’re the freaks.

un·sta·ble·ness noun
un·sta·bly adverb
1. When all hell breaks loose and a company has no money to pay their employees, entrepreneurs always have a job because they learn to monetize their talents and skills. They will always know how to make income, leave them on the streets, and they will sell something, whether its telling jokes or drawing cartoons on the street.
2. Entrepreneurs learn how to master themselves. They learn to grow with the times and gradually rise to the top…such as riding a wave, you ride it slowly, but steadily and before you know it, you’ve made it to the top of the game and guess what, nobody can bitch!
3. Since we’ve already been through eating ramen for breakfast and selling parts of our dignity to make it in our business, we know that little setbacks aren’t the ends of us. So when other people freak out about first world problems like how the Starbucks lady is super slow making their lattes, we are quietly thanking them because we remember when we couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee. Personally, I have been there, so now I am extra thankful for every gift and every dollar that I am given or make. So guess what, most of us are a lot more resilient and a lot more stable because we’re not going to bitch out on small things…..we’ve seen worse, we’ve been through hell. I know some people have had to make big sacrifices to pursue their dreams, but guess what, ride the waves, ride it and don’t give up…and one day you’ll look down and see that it was all worth it.
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Make A Vow To Stop Re-posting and Sharing Fear Based News

If you want to make this world a better place, please join me in making a VOW to stop re-posting and sharing FEAR BASED news.

If you agree and want to commit to your own wellbeing, success, and growth, please reblog this post or share this on your social media. I realized that a lot of Facebook posts, shares are rather negative. There are crazy stories of how people die, about disease, criminals, etc. I’m not saying that we should be unaware of these news, but we are propagating a culture of where we would rather talk about negative news versus encourage goodness in this world.

How about positive quotes, encouraging posts, posts about people helping others, dreams, etc.

I recorded this right when it was raining in Los Angeles. I know it’s unbelievable, but because of my commitment to my word, I am going to London in 2 weeks, I’ll be living this miraculous life of love. If you haven’t checked out my Ebook, please do! 

 Quotes of the week: 

“Whatever energy you emit, that energy will come back to you. For example, some people are so in their own head that everything that a waiter does is disrespectful, but if you thank them with utmost respect, they’ll treat you the same. It’s not all about you, sometimes people are going through a bad day and all you have to do is see that it’s not about you.” 

“Don’t try to figure out “how”, trust your desires, have faith you are in the right place at the right place and everything will be revealed to you as you go”

“Word for today. Your inheritance, your destiny is here. All that you have been striving for, you can rest now, you can stop trying. It’ already yours, you inherited it not because of what you did, but because of WHO YOU ARE. Know, accept and live in the POWER within. It’s all in you. Nothing that you are trying to achieve is outside of you, it’s all WITHIN YOU. The abundance of life is here (symbolized by rain after a long drought). For some, you have been like me, feeling repressed, like creativity and expression is waiting to burst forth. It is here, there is nothing to wait for. Your breakthrough is here today, start counting your blessings, be thankful for what you have been wanting to accomplish and do in life, be thankful for the people you want to be around,,,,they’re already here. Start dancing and celebrating, the season is here. It’s a season of permanence and power. Stop hoping, stop wishing, do it in power, it’s coming to you!”
Love, Rebekka 

Seeing Work As A Conduit of Love




My funny picture and I teaching at Pasadena City College

As I drove past traffic on the LA highways, I thought about what the communal energy was. The energy was probably that of stress- “I have to get to work on time, I am stuck in traffic, I have to pay my bills, work sucks, etc”. What if we thought about our work as a conduit of love? What if we actually did what we love out of a pure energy of love…and we refused to compromise our values for money?

Recently, I started teaching yoga and meditation and spoke at 3 different events this month. I taught young teens how to start their own business and I was genuinely shocked by how easy teaching a big group of people was for me. I felt pure love and expansion in my heart for these mere strangers. I thought about how strange it was that even though I was not getting paid for it, my heart felt strong and powerful. I also noticed that as I teach out of pure love of wanting to help others, I have been receiving more monetarily and even getting more opportunities and promotions in life. As you give (through your work), you will receive tenfold! How much you earn is directly proportional to the value you provide to others.

That’s when I realized that pure love makes money flow with ease and grace. Money is not apart from love, actually money is one way in which we can love others and show them that they are worthy of their talents and skills. When our greed and selfishness for gain gets in the way, our relationships are also distorted. Business is crooked because we start to focus more on the money than on the people that we are doing business with. That is why you see very successful people with horrible relationships, but also people who are poor also have jaded values of what money means. Some people think that money is evil. No, it is the greed that is evil. When we place money above people, that is evil.

In my life, I have studied people, finance, spirituality, growth and everything I have ever been interested in. I sold jewelry, taught lessons, did real estate, wrote for newspapers and magazines, improv-ed, appeared on television, was a marketing manager, instructor, musician, artist, business woman..I danced a lot and took all kinds of classes (flamenco, acting, creative writing, german…to name a few).

My goal was to become successful, and I also wanted to help people. At one point, I found myself wanting money more than helping people. My greed got in the way of my heart. I became constricted and fearful that people were going to rip me off. As a previous freelancer I have had many people rip me off. I have designed and created fashion pieces only to have the woman never pay me. I have learned from my mistakes in my lifetime of playing music for weddings and people not pay me a cent (because well, aren’t we friends?). I have experienced injustice towards the young, people taking advantage of interns because they are supposedly inexperienced and are not worth the money.

However, when I lived in fear, I also noticed that business started to dwindle. Whatever energy you feed into, that will expand. What if we lived with an open heart to love and to serve, business will come easily and gracefully. And if it doesn’t? Many times you are being stripped away of all that is distorted and crooked in your heart. Or perhaps you are being the lesson of being, loving yourself first so you can love others.

In having experienced many things in my lifetime, I can say I am more in tune with how it feels to live in fear or love. When you live in fear of “people are going to jip me”, “I won’t have enough for bills this month”, “business stinks”, you will often feel physically constricted. Your neck will hurt, you will become sick, you will experience stomachaches, you will grow angry at the world and some people start to blame everyone around them instead of taking responsibility.

The fact is, you need to know whatever you want needs to be cultivated in your soul first. You must know that you are worthy. You must know that you deserve a certain amount, you must know that everything that needs and wants to be expressed in the external world first begins internally. You must have faith as well. You must keep trusting and believing when times gets tough and your dreams have not come into fruition. You must keep envisioning and believing when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

You must also know that the dream is not the end goal, but the journey is… The journey is, the people you walk near and past, the people you love on in that season of life. You experience an abundance of love when you see life as a spiritual path versus an end goal. Yesterday I experienced a flow of genuine love between a friend I have known for 10 years. I felt that our friendship had endured the test of time due to the fact that our friendship has been pure, without manipulation or this guilt tripping of “I give to you so you must give to me”. In giving out of unconditional love (with boundaries of course), we were able to walk through thick and thin.

Over the years, I have learned to forgive easily and to let go gracefully. There are friends you keep and there are friends you must let go of so you can walk towards greater heights.

Work is a conduit of our love. The world is interconnected in all regards. One person’s thoughts create the energy around them. Do you ever wonder why you walk into a room and feel sick to your stomach? Someone has tainted the room with their negativity. You can become an agent of change by remembering to live in love. What does that look like? Search and you will find, continue to read my blog of course 😉 and continue to read, learn, experience what love looks like. I’m here with you in this journey 🙂

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