13 Days of Meditation- Day 3 – You Are Enough

You are enough. You are empowered.

You are everything you need to move forward, to step forward to the next path.

You are enough for me. 

Have courage, you can not see ahead, but you see the next step, so take the step. 

Even if you feel this low-grade depression, you can’t get up in the morning, you can’t move forward…you are enough. You are enough to keep going. It is all in you, seek the courage that is within you. Seek truth from something bigger, something higher, something you can not see. 

We live not by sight, but by faith. When others shrink, we choose to run. When others are scared of the economy, of their health, of their lives, we choose to be brave. We choose to give when others hoard, we choose to build our spirit, rather than tear our spirit down with junk.

We seek beauty when there seems to be so much ugliness.

You are enough to stand up for justice, even when most choose to silence their souls and their mouths. 

Our lives are not only about our careers or advancing our careers, our lives is a holistic growth which sings for depth. Without this realization, we will continue to feel empty. My job each day is to ask myself questions and to be aware of my spirit. 

How can you be courageous today and do something you need to do or have been wanting to do?



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