13 Days of Meditation- Day 8- A Sign of Age is Growth, Not Age Itself

Don’t let others look down on you because of your age.

Show them through love, experience, growth, wisdom and love that you are who you are.

People can say they are a certain age, but it does not mean they grew from their age-old experiences. 

While, someone who is 18 could be 100 years old in spirit because they chose to learn valuable lessons from their 18 years on earth.

Keep learning, keep thirsting for more in life because that is what signifies true growth.

I will keep today short since I have to go to a real estate training early in the morning. I wrote this blog entry because people are often shocked when they hear me speak at events. They are shocked that I am so wise for my age. Like I said, if you don’t learn from your experiences, then those years of experiences mean nothing. Take hold of your experiences and let them be your mentors of growth. Growing up, often left alone to play, I had to observe the world. I was constantly observing people, elders, other peers…

I learned from my own experiences, but also from others. I learned from my older sibling, what not to do, what to do…I learned from my parents, I learned from my teachers and mentors. I avoided the bad choices other people made. 

How about you? How has experiences in life made you stronger, wiser, smarter?


13 Days of Meditation- Day 7- Learn To Be In Your Body


Learn to be in your body, yes. This means being, wholly in your body.

Sensing your legs, your limbs, your muscles, your arms, your nose…using your facial expressions to be in this world.

This means, stop the thinking.

Stop the worrying and the obsessing over life that needs none of your negativity. 

You only need to be in your body, possess your body like you are a soul entering back into your body, fully alive.

Learn to dance, to jump, to laugh freely. Don’t be afraid of what others think of you. 

Be silly in your body. As we pump blood from our hearts, we will start to feel what our hearts have been saying all along.

This heart speaks the truth. It is your truth of how you feel, but we often forget it in the midst of listening to our heads. 

This heart has truths we denied, did not want to face. 

This heart has the emotions we looked down on, sadness, anger, jealousy. 

We have ignored our hearts for way too long, let the breeze of wind prickle your skin and let your heart burst wide open for your personal inspection and comfort. Let it be, learn to be in your body.

When I do yoga, I often close my eyes and see visions of life. I see myself with my Father, walking down rainbows and gardens. I see revelations of my life flash before my hidden heart. I find emotions too deep to be ignored, bursting with sadness. I find peace when I awake to life after a restful yoga practice. 

How can you learn to be in your body?


13 Days of Meditation- Day 6- Your Life Is Lived From The Inside Out


Your Life Is Lived From The Inside Out

Somethings won’t change until you change on the inside. 

Until you forgive that one person you need to forgive, until you let go of an outcome that is actually limiting you.

Until you let go and let the universe. Until you relax a little bit.

Until you forgive yourself a little more, until you give yourself a break and let go of that pedestal you put yourself on.

Somethings just won’t change until your inner world changes.

Have faith and you will see the outer world change with the force that is unstoppable.

Lately, I have been convincing a friend to pursue his dreams. It seems almost impossible to help him make the next step. This friend seems to want to know what his life will look like after he takes that next step. He wants to know the day to day tasks that he has to complete in his newfound freedom, a new career. I am in awe of this.

And I find that most people do want to know everything, from what will happen next to what will happen in the next 10 years. We chart our lives as though we can predict it….but as much as we plan, we won’t be able to change our circumstances if we still live in a spirit of lack, a spirit of jealousy, a spirit of hate and bitterness. We must become aware that we carry these heavy spirits which stop us from moving forward in life.

We will achieve one thing after another without true happiness. 

We will still feel that gnawing emptiness.

We must seek something deeper, something more substantial, something we can’t buy, something spiritual.

Seek and you will find.

I am on this journey with you friend!

Your journey friend,


“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley


13 Days of Mediation- Day 4- How To Change The World For FREE

Today I decided to record a video for you!

I did not script this video…to show you that it is OKAY to be authentic with your speech.


How Will You Change the World?

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13 Days of Meditation- Day 3 – You Are Enough

You are enough. You are empowered.

You are everything you need to move forward, to step forward to the next path.

You are enough for me. 

Have courage, you can not see ahead, but you see the next step, so take the step. 

Even if you feel this low-grade depression, you can’t get up in the morning, you can’t move forward…you are enough. You are enough to keep going. It is all in you, seek the courage that is within you. Seek truth from something bigger, something higher, something you can not see. 

We live not by sight, but by faith. When others shrink, we choose to run. When others are scared of the economy, of their health, of their lives, we choose to be brave. We choose to give when others hoard, we choose to build our spirit, rather than tear our spirit down with junk.

We seek beauty when there seems to be so much ugliness.

You are enough to stand up for justice, even when most choose to silence their souls and their mouths. 

Our lives are not only about our careers or advancing our careers, our lives is a holistic growth which sings for depth. Without this realization, we will continue to feel empty. My job each day is to ask myself questions and to be aware of my spirit. 

How can you be courageous today and do something you need to do or have been wanting to do?


The Unstruggling Unstarving Artist

I admit, I couldn’t sleep because for 30 minutes this fiery, common thought came to my mind “I’m 24, I’ve worked hard, how come I’m not getting paid what I’m worth?”

2:11AM- my birthday (2.11).

My thoughts suddenly ran wild, sparked by the madness of  the question-“should I get paid minimum wage to work at a boba shop, something I’ve always wanted to do (work at a boba shop- NOT get paid minimum wage)?” This question trickled into the question of “wow, I paid $50 per hour for 10 years to learn the cello and then I paid another $23,000 times 4 to go to fashion design school”. What is my return on investment- I’m not sure…being under-appreciated, underpaid?

I decided to throw off my covers and blog before my thoughts drove me mad. Suddenly my body craves the coffee I didn’t drink during the day.

Let’s do a rundown of how much an artist would spend……

1. Cello lessons- $50 for 10 years. 48 weeks times $50 -$2,400 times 10 years= $24,000

2. fashion design College tuition- $23,000 times 4 years- $92,000

Of course you have to take into account all the gas and supplies. But $116,000 estimated in my case. Thank god I was a good writer, this got my tons of scholarships.

Proverbs 31:31 says-  “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” 

I believe it’s time for artists, women to stop complaining and demand a fair wage, fair pay for their art which they have toiled and spent tremendous amount of money to develop. Thanks to a friend I recently met- he told me “I see a lot of talent in you, you need to capitalize on your strengths, you shouldn’t have to struggle”.

Nothing, nothing is impossible
No one can hold us down
We, Yeah we are unstoppable
Cause nothing is impossible
ohh ohh No nothing is impossible ohh ohh
oh nooo oh noo

If the door doesn’t open
Don’t wait use force to knock it down
Ain’t no time for mopping,
No, the moment is right now

Real talk you can touch the sky
Make no doubt about it noooo
Real talk you can sit pan high
make no doubt about it nooo
Real talk we do it for the youts, another generation
You are strong enough to meet your destiny say

When You Start To Lose Hope & Passion

How many times have you lost hope, lost passion, lost direction in life? 

I can say I’ve lost passion and hope numerous times….actually numerous times in one week.

My aunt passed away this week, I went into a time of mourning, but also frustration. My life seems to be so hopeless and with each day that goes by, I am constantly worrying about my bills. Even though I had reached an epiphany of peace, I realize that “sometimes the hardest things are difficult because they’re worth fighting for”. Thus, peace is hard to keep because it’s something you have to fight for.

Sales have been painfully slow too. Yet, I don’t want to revert to a pattern of endless scrambling…when will that day come, I ask myself?

On the phone with my close friend the other day, I complained “I just feel like my life is getting boring, so what that I have my own business, so what if I make sales, what’s the point. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything epic”.

She replied “Epic, well you can’t expect to do epic things everyday. Everything you do is building up towards what is epic, but everything is an important step to it“.

“Oh, you’re right”. Thus…epic things are boiling, but they have not come into fruition yet.

Even though I haven’t reached that so called “success” yet- I want to share some tips for you, those that are toiling away hopeless and feeling defeated in life.

1. Do have supportive friends that encourage you- do not hang out with negative friends.

2. Find inspiration– read a book or talk to inspirational people that have similar hardships or have ALREADY overcome

3. Leave your normal surroundings– I’m going to Norcal tomorrow, I think I really need to get away and be refreshed

4. Believe in yourself– recite mantra “anything is possible”, “I can do this”, “If Einstein did it I can too”, ”

5. Have times of reflection and meditations– I like to burn candles, light incense and play reggae. Endless striving will only lead to burn out, so reflect each day.

6. Eat, Play and Be Merry– Yes, eat good food and your soul will be nourished. Do what makes you feel alive & what makes you feel alive will lead you to where you need to go next.

As my friend said “luck is preparation meets opportunity”.

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