3 More Days To Save! Learn How I Overcame Doubts To Pursue My Dreams


Register NOW TO SAVE $10 before July 22- http://modestflyartgallery.com/workshops-seminars/

A hunger for the good life lies deep within us all. But it requires an honest evaluation of who we are and how we are living. Some manage to avoid these hard questions for years, or even for a whole lifetime- diligently going with each year’s flow without pausing to imagine other possible destinations. With the passing of years, our childhood dreams are pierced by reality. Our daily lives are filled with obligations and pressures. As we grow older, we drift away from ‘what could be’ toward a life shaped not by personal vision or calling but by circumstance and compromise”- Life Entrepreneur

 Register NOW TO SAVE $10 before July 22- http://modestflyartgallery.com/workshops-seminars/ 

An Exerpt From A To Be Published Book In The Future….By Me When I quit my full time job: 

“The common question was “how are you going to pay rent?” This question would constantly pop up in my mind throughout the year.

 Now I realize that question was never mine, but the naysayers, the doubters. That question will never be mine. I will always be able to pay rent. Nothing I did made sense. It still doesn’t. One thing that I started doing more was listening to the spirit, the creator, a higher being. I took time to meditate and slow down. The meditations caused me to focus on what I felt and what I wanted in life.

 When I quit work and had a goodbye party, I thought to myself, “Instead of continuing this ugly and painful rat race, why don’t I do what I’ve been yearning for all this time?”

Who is this workshop for?

  • For anyone who is YEARNING FOR MORE in life, you feel like there is something missing and you want a taste of what life CAN be like.
  • For anyone who has GIVEN UP on yourself, on your dreams, maybe even life itself.
  • For anyone who is thinking about STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, but don’t know how to or have no idea what to do
  • For anyone who is THINKING ABOUT MAKING A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE– quitting your job, moving, traveling, volunteering overseas, writing a book, focusing on people in your life, whatever IT IS.

This is a workshop YOU DON”T WANT TO MISS-  Register NOW TO SAVE $10 before July 22- Choose You

I look forward to personally meeting you and help you write your own story, your own roadmap to the life YOU TRULY DESIRE.


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