The Difference Between Duty and Desire

It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the actions in love that counts. What are your desires in life? What is your vision?

Create The Life You Desire Workshop

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Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you are REACTING to life circumstances instead of being the Creator of Your Own Life? Do you have DESIRES and DREAMS that you are afraid to live? Do you have Fears that are stopping you FROM MAKING THE LEAP into YOUR GREATNESS?

JOIN Rebekka Lien in this Interactive, Life Transforming workshop designed to catapult you into making your dreams a reality. This is a HANDS-ON workshop which forces you to create a creative roadmap and blueprint and ACTUALIZE what’s on paper.

Rebekka Lien will share her inspirational story on how she started from nothing after quitting her FULL TIME job in the Fashion Industry and created multiple businesses based on her Blueprint. Her Trial and Error Approach, Bootstrap and Grassroot style will inspire YOU to take action! No more excuses- the FIRST STEP is to REGISTER.

In This Workshop I Will Teach You How To:
Clarify Your DESIRES and THE WHY?
Capitalize Your Skills and Talents
Create INCOME Based on Your PASSIONS
Create LIVE connections with other participants who may have similar VISIONS


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