The 3 P’s of Actualizing Your Dreams

I had a beautiful day of laying around in Laguna Beach. I suppose most people would be freaking out since I have 2 more days to look for a place to live. The juxtaposition of my life. This whole week was a roller coaster of crazy dumping, posting, donating, walking around neighborhoods, calling and lots more disappointments. The place I wanted initially got rented out. I was also quite relieved because they did not have a stove. OMG. A place without a stove! Lord have mercy, no cooking??

Everyday is a new beginning, new day.

I realize everything that I have been experiencing requires the 3 P’s.

Pain – pain. Yes, pain sucks. Pain could be a really annoying person in your life, a boring job, a difficult situation or anything that is inconvenient. Pain sucks. We all know this.

Perseverance – In order to find a place, I had to persevere, call, look on craigslist, call, visit the place, drive to a million places, call.

Patience – with ALL good things coming your way, YOU must have PATIENCE. Don’t we all HATE THIS WORD. “I WANT IT NOW!!!!” Don’t we ALL scream with our hearts, actions and words? We want that IPHONE RIGHT NOW, that IPAD, that house, that partner, that shirt, that million dollar. We want to win now! But back to perseverance, we need to persevere even when we don’t have it now.

My friends, when we reach the ends of ourselves…patience means resting and enjoying life while you are waiting for the fruits of your work and faith to grow and actualize.

So guess what I did, I took a day off from LOOKING and went to Laguna Beach. Yes, I rested and got a tan. Hells yah. I enjoyed life with my man, ate lots of chocolate and ended the night with some good encouraging prayers with my soul friend. Then guess what happened, I got an email for a lead to a place….it might be it, it might not be. Who cares, I’m going to find a place in 2 days anyway!

I’m featured on Hipswap- shop over 100 items from my house/closet as I prepare to move!


2 thoughts on “The 3 P’s of Actualizing Your Dreams

  1. liz

    What an amazing attitude! Thanks for sharing! It’s so true, I have found as well… simply being, having patience (while hard to do), leads to things more than we could ever imagine. peace.

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