Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out- The New SEASON


I just wanted to show you my new hair by hairstylist Stephanie Markel of Tru Salon.

Well, I kind of didn’t realize that people would be staring at me after I got my hair done. I can’t hide anymore. I used to hide, because I didn’t want the unwanted attention. I didn’t want people to talk to me all the time…but now I really can’t hide.

This marks a new season for me and I’m sure for many of you.

It’s a new season of stepping out. You’re going to have to take risks, be vulnerable, do things you’ve never done or have not done for a long time. You’re going to have to open your heart to new people and trust that God will protect it. You’re going to have to be open about who you really are.

You’ve been hurt before, but you grew stronger in the healing.

Your bones are stronger though it was broken.

It is okay that you may be sad about letting go of the past, letting go of control and how things used to be. In the wilderness, things were predictable for me…I knew what to expect…but now being thrown into the rainbows and universe, I find myself clenching onto what little control I have. 

But I hear “relax, let go, go with the flow”.

It’s a new season.

Are you ready?

Rewrite your dreams, dream again. You are not the same person, you know who you are. You may have to let go of how you thought your life should have been, or become. Your destiny is greater than a generic life. 

Write your own chapter. Sing your own song. Dye your hair purple and blue, look like a mermaid or a troll.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.



Heaven Is For Real


Photo by and google (does not belong to me).

I’m a dreamer, I dream almost every night. They are long dreams, like a movie. Sometimes I dream about heaven, actually my spirit is there, it’s too real. When I dream about heaven, I always have a feeling of wonder, like when I’m watching a movie by myself in the theater. Maybe that’s why I love film so much, because what is real is not what we see, but what we see with our hearts.

This night I have a dream that I am in an apartment, I’m sleeping, I wake up and clean, I look out the window and see a sign that says Hawaii. However, it is really strange. There are boats and people walking on water. Except they are actually walking on land, which is under water. There are boats like the ones I’ve seen in Thailand. It is a little gloomy. I try to walk out of the apartment, but there are so many rooms I can’t seem to get out.

Finally, I see two girls, they are twins and roommates of the girl I’m staying with.

We are talking, suddenly I feel dizzy because the apartment starts moving. Maybe the island around me is moving? I’m confused, as the room starts moving, I see the land. We are actually floating, but there is land and ocean.

It looks like the blue city in Morocco, but it is all situated in and over water so imagine the blue city surrounded by water. It is magical, beautiful, stunning, my heart can’t take the beauty anymore. When we arrive somewhere, we get off. I’m shocked, okay, the whole time I had gone into a room that was actually a vehicle, I was then transported.

I’m shocked and tell them I’m not going wherever they are going. And for some odd reason, they say they are going to Denver, on a roadtrip, for 9 days. 9 days adds up to July 4 which is the day God told me something would happen in my life.

I tell the bus load of people, I can’t go, no I didn’t even bring water! I have nothing on me, I left my wallet in the “real apartment”. I see out on the sideline and see my friend, but he has something stuck in his eye and I freak out.

I know it’s addressing some feelings of not knowing where I’m going or doing next, or what July 4 will bring, readiness, preparedness in my heart, but before I know it I wake up.


Temptation of Giving In

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m giving in or giving into another season. This constant struggle is called wanting to work full time. It almost seems incomprehensible when I’m sitting at a cafe working on my computer and watching the sun outside. Lately, I have really been noticing people who work hard and get next to nothing. It’s probably because I can feel their struggle. That’s why, after having the best customer service phone call of MY LIFE today, I gave her an excellent recommendations. I hope she gets promoted because she deserves it.

So in the brink of wanting to give in, I was suddenly struck with inspiration and desire. Desire to keep going, to keep believing in my vision. That which used to stop me, I have decided to push, pray until it happens. Push, physically with all my mind and soul. This phrase is posted outside a gospel church on my street “push, pray until something happens”.

I know how it feels to be doing what you love and not getting what you deserve for it. In the end, you push forward until something happens.

You keep persevering when the world tells you you can’t.

Because you really CAN. If you believe that you can.

Lately, I have tried everything that I can, anything that people told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t. I do it anyways. Only to win, only to score, only to get the part. I’m a dead woman walking. Kill me and I’m still alive.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that you can, you really can do what you love, you really can be WHO you want to be. If you don’t want to be a robot, you can be human. You can believe that relationships are at the CORE of your work, not on the side of it. You can believe that life is more than routine, pleasing others, and feeling depressed.

You are meant to be alive.

Peace, Rebekka – your fellow dream doer.

PS. – so you really can DO it, you just got to NOT GIVE UP.