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Temptation of Giving In

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m giving in or giving into another season. This constant struggle is called wanting to work full time. It almost seems incomprehensible when I’m sitting at a cafe working on my computer and watching the sun outside. Lately, I have really been noticing people who work hard and get next to nothing. It’s probably because I can feel their struggle. That’s why, after having the best customer service phone call of MY LIFE today, I gave her an excellent recommendations. I hope she gets promoted because she deserves it.

So in the brink of wanting to give in, I was suddenly struck with inspiration and desire. Desire to keep going, to keep believing in my vision. That which used to stop me, I have decided to push, pray until it happens. Push, physically with all my mind and soul. This phrase is posted outside a gospel church on my street “push, pray until something happens”.

I know how it feels to be doing what you love and not getting what you deserve for it. In the end, you push forward until something happens.

You keep persevering when the world tells you you can’t.

Because you really CAN. If you believe that you can.

Lately, I have tried everything that I can, anything that people told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t. I do it anyways. Only to win, only to score, only to get the part. I’m a dead woman walking. Kill me and I’m still alive.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that you can, you really can do what you love, you really can be WHO you want to be. If you don’t want to be a robot, you can be human. You can believe that relationships are at the CORE of your work, not on the side of it. You can believe that life is more than routine, pleasing others, and feeling depressed.

You are meant to be alive.

Peace, Rebekka – your fellow dream doer.

PS. – so you really can DO it, you just got to NOT GIVE UP.

The 3 P’s of Actualizing Your Dreams

I had a beautiful day of laying around in Laguna Beach. I suppose most people would be freaking out since I have 2 more days to look for a place to live. The juxtaposition of my life. This whole week was a roller coaster of crazy dumping, posting, donating, walking around neighborhoods, calling and lots more disappointments. The place I wanted initially got rented out. I was also quite relieved because they did not have a stove. OMG. A place without a stove! Lord have mercy, no cooking??

Everyday is a new beginning, new day.

I realize everything that I have been experiencing requires the 3 P’s.

Pain – pain. Yes, pain sucks. Pain could be a really annoying person in your life, a boring job, a difficult situation or anything that is inconvenient. Pain sucks. We all know this.

Perseverance – In order to find a place, I had to persevere, call, look on craigslist, call, visit the place, drive to a million places, call.

Patience – with ALL good things coming your way, YOU must have PATIENCE. Don’t we all HATE THIS WORD. “I WANT IT NOW!!!!” Don’t we ALL scream with our hearts, actions and words? We want that IPHONE RIGHT NOW, that IPAD, that house, that partner, that shirt, that million dollar. We want to win now! But back to perseverance, we need to persevere even when we don’t have it now.

My friends, when we reach the ends of ourselves…patience means resting and enjoying life while you are waiting for the fruits of your work and faith to grow and actualize.

So guess what I did, I took a day off from LOOKING and went to Laguna Beach. Yes, I rested and got a tan. Hells yah. I enjoyed life with my man, ate lots of chocolate and ended the night with some good encouraging prayers with my soul friend. Then guess what happened, I got an email for a lead to a place….it might be it, it might not be. Who cares, I’m going to find a place in 2 days anyway!

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What Does It Take To Pursue Your Dreams?

This week I placed my one of a kind designs at The Machine Gallery in Pomona- it’s a milestone for me.

Today is a HOT HOT DAY! Probably one of the best days I’ve had, everyday just seems to get better ever since I have become grateful, thankful, appreciative at everything.

If you listen to the THE SECRET, Rhonda Byrne talks about letting “THANK YOU” be the first thoughts and words of your day. First thing in the morning, when your mind is awake, think the word “thank you for this new day”.  

When I start to think negative thoughts or start to feel tired, I think the opposite. I think, “WOW I’m so energized, I have all the energy in the world”. This has helped me to continue packing as I’m about to move into another city soon! Though I haven’t found a place yet and I’m moving in less than 2 weeks, I know the PERFECT place is already waiting for me.


After a few meetings today, I thought about how I have come so far from 1 year ago. I never thought I could live the type of lifestyle I live today. I create my own schedule, sometimes I wake up whenever I want, I hang out with friends when the sun is out, I work hard, but where I want and when I want. Though I haven’t seen all the FRUITS of my labor, I know that today where I am- I’m starting to reap the harvest that is coming.

1. You need lots of perserverance to pursue your dreams- I can’t tell you HOW MANY times I thought about giving up. I compared myself to other people and was envious that others could do what I could not because of financial limitations. However, I did not give up.

2. You need to BELIEVE in yourself and your VISION– When your vision starts to blur and when people start putting you down for pursuing your dreams, you GOT to have determination. If what you wanted to do was not really a passion, you’ll know once the fire is turned up. You must be super positive, you must laugh easily, take life lightly, and believe in yourself and the vision!

At first I was comparing myself to others, but I realize, they got their path to walk and I got mine. There is no reason for comparison or competition, competition comes from a spirit of lack. If you know who you are, you don’t need to compare.

3. You need a STRONG support of friends who believe in you and your dreams- I had friends that counted coins with me when I was paying bills, friends who gave me advice, friends who helped promote my jewelry, friends who helped me at fairs for free, friends who listened to me when I needed to vent. Friends are your STRONGEST support. Or if you have a partner, that is great too!

4. You need BALLS to pursue your dreams- yes, ladies, we don’t have balls, but we got invisible inner strength balls. Stronger, mightier sometimes. You need lots of balls, courage, to PROMOTE yourself, promote your work, talk about it, believe in it. You need balls when the idea seems crazy, when it’s never been done.

5. You need to be IN TUNE with yourself to pursue your dreams- you must follow your heart, intuition. When you’re tired, rest. When you feel like something isn’t right, you stop, you rest, you think and you wait. Don’t rush, don’t work out of adrenaline, work out of rest always. Out of the 1 year of self-employment, I had 2 months of traveling in Australia and South America, I had probably 4-5 months of waiting (freelancing here and there), but mostly waiting and resting. It was NOT easy, not that relaxing at times, because I was anxious. Yet, I needed to learn the lessons of waiting.

I know that is contrary to what people teach, but waiting is an active verb of preparing your mind and soul, finding identity, and healing from a impoverished striving mentality. I am currently writing a book about my 1 year, I hope that my learnings will help to serve you in the pursuit of your dreams!