Manifesting Reality With Your Mind

(A flower that my friend gave me, it was a confirmation from God that it’s a season of getting pampered!)

Whatever you focus on, whatever you spend your energy on- that is what will manifest.

If you watch Law and Order or CSI, you’ll hear the word “pre-meditation”. If you have a lot of anger towards someone, if you are not careful, you may go to prison. I know I’m being a bit drastic, but it is important to know the POWER OF YOUR MIND. Likewise, if you think positive thoughts, positive outcomes will manifest.


What do I mean by that? Did you ever hear someone say “I have faith in you” and didn’t that spur you on to do great things, to accomplish things you never thought you could?

There were many times I wanted to give up “self-employment”. I am currently 24 years old, after working full time for 9 months and suffering from backache, I decided to let go of security. The last year I have probably gone through the most dramatic times of my life. I’ll be celebrating my one year anniversary of liberation in July.

However, it was NOT easy. Probably the most SCARY things happened when I let go of security. Days before my bills were due, I still had no idea where the money was going to come from. BUT SOMEONE, MANY PEOPLE had faith in me. 

Faith isn’t this empty, abstract idea. Faith is believing in someone, in yourself, in your friends, it’s believing that YOUR mind is powerful, that if you allow your mind and heart to believe something will come true, it mostly likely will. Of course, it’s not believing in empty air. It is believing that SINCE you have seen miracles happen before, that it will also continue to happen.

Faith is believing in the good in people, thus attracting the good out of you as well. You DON’T have to be a victim to your circumstances, you can BELIEVE and manifest a good life.

What are some things that you have manifested in your life just by believing? And what are some things that you hope to manifest in the next month?

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