Magic Tradeshow – February 14 to 15


@ the Luichiny Shoe Party @ Magic Tradeshow (Feb 15, 2012). Vintage dress w/ headband by Heather Petrey.

@ Magic + TeenVogue Blogger Lounge

Despite the fact that I got a speeding ticket on my way to Vegas to attend Magic Fashion Tradeshow…I got a picture with Betsey Johnson. That already is epic enough. I’m not trying to boast, but one day, people will also line up for 2 hours to take a picture with me.

Some highlights from the show-

+ Desigual- live painting on free t-shirts (hot spanish guys painting your shirt while you’re wearing it)

+ Luichiny- shoe party

+ Teenvogue – blogger lounge, now bloggers are the new press (probably they’re better marketers than pros)

+Brazil Lounge @ Project- I love the Brazil lounge at Project. They highlighted local Brazilian fashion brands and gave information about going to Brazil on a press/buyer tour.

+ VIP lounge- spent 2 hours eating and drinking mochas/cappuccinos there- just because I love to eat good food.

Quote from a friend of a friend- “Wow, she’s a struggling entrepreneur? She looks really glamorous for being a struggling artist”. My reply “entrepreneurs know where to get their resources for free, borrowing clothes from friends, thrift shopping, and reusing/recycling”. Any struggling entrepreneur tips- feel free to comment!

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