Vegas Diaries- Monday

Arrived at 5:30 am on an overnight megabus. Met a cute girl who was working for magic, took a bus to the airport and took another shuttle to my hotel. 

Arrived around 6:30am, thank God was able to check in and knocked out until 11:30am. 

I tried gambling with $1 and lost it right away. Went to the pool 3 times today. 

Will head to Pool Tradeshow tomorrow. I am press. 

To add onto this I reflected on the sadness I felt today. Saying goodbye to the past and saying hello to the new season. 

Also I’m starting to see such a darkness In Vegas as I was talking to the staff of a casino. One guy said “vegas was built not on winners, but on losers”. I also noted so many frustrated people, drivers, maids, everyone seemed so frustrated, under tipped, many gamblers who have given up on life.

Though Vegas has always been glamorous to the outsiders, my heart breaks for those that are longing for a quick win and sometimes losing their whole livelihood.

I’d like to party, yes, but Let’s not forget that people are broken everywhere. Healing starts from within. 



Vegas Diaries -Sunday

Guess where I’m going? 

Yes Vegas. And guess what, I’m hopping onto a midnight bus because it seemed easier. But I always say that before riding a bus – like last time going from London to Amsterdam took 12 hours was it? Not pleasant. 

I’ll be noting interesting things at the Magic/Pool Fashion Tradeshow. 

This is my size 0 dress I managed to squish into. The side of my armpits have to be allocated to the proper places or else I look like Hulk in a dress. 

No actually I look pretty damn hot in this dress. 


Magic Tradeshow – February 14 to 15


@ the Luichiny Shoe Party @ Magic Tradeshow (Feb 15, 2012). Vintage dress w/ headband by Heather Petrey.

@ Magic + TeenVogue Blogger Lounge

Despite the fact that I got a speeding ticket on my way to Vegas to attend Magic Fashion Tradeshow…I got a picture with Betsey Johnson. That already is epic enough. I’m not trying to boast, but one day, people will also line up for 2 hours to take a picture with me.

Some highlights from the show-

+ Desigual- live painting on free t-shirts (hot spanish guys painting your shirt while you’re wearing it)

+ Luichiny- shoe party

+ Teenvogue – blogger lounge, now bloggers are the new press (probably they’re better marketers than pros)

+Brazil Lounge @ Project- I love the Brazil lounge at Project. They highlighted local Brazilian fashion brands and gave information about going to Brazil on a press/buyer tour.

+ VIP lounge- spent 2 hours eating and drinking mochas/cappuccinos there- just because I love to eat good food.

Quote from a friend of a friend- “Wow, she’s a struggling entrepreneur? She looks really glamorous for being a struggling artist”. My reply “entrepreneurs know where to get their resources for free, borrowing clothes from friends, thrift shopping, and reusing/recycling”. Any struggling entrepreneur tips- feel free to comment!

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