Too Unique

Yesterday a man asked me how many people read my blog and how it’s not enough to get ad revenue, etc.

I said “I’m not doing it for the money”.

I’ve been writing since I was a little kid so to me writing is like defecating, I need to defecate what I’ve inputted into my system and writing is like defecating my wisdom…if I don’t do it I get clogged or constipated. 

Plus, if you are doing something you don’t want to just for money than you really are selling your soul and not really doing it for the love of it. And also you’re not being authentic. If you are changing what you write about just so more people can read it, just for more likes or follows, then again you’re being inauthentic.

Basically don’t do what you don’t want to in life. 

I woke up last night and suddenly thought about that one time I really wanted to work in Venice. I had to design a bag and create a photoshop/illustrator template of it from plain image.

This is what I came up with. My own print design.


That was my style back then.

Well, I really wanted to work with cool folks in Venice at a company that designed cosmetic bags, but I didn’t get the job.

I was disappointed and cried. I guess I saw myself riding a bike in Venice and eating hipster food. It seemed like a cool place to be.

When I talked to the woman who referred me she said “you should have consulted with me so that I could tell you to tone down your style and not be so unique“. The woman who worked in the company basically said “I was too unique”. The style is too bold. 

I thought about it, well I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Just to get a job? Change who I am? No.

And now I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t get the job because I don’t think I could have lived in Venice because I would have missed my Chinese food too much and the commute back to Asian Valley is too far and too traffic filled.

But that just wasn’t where God intended for me to be. Which leads me to a unique question- can you follow your heart and God’s will at the same time? The man at Dunkin Donuts asked me that yesterday, or actually he presumed you could not and that I don’t write like someone who believes in God.

I pondered upon this question.

Yes, I do believe every desire originates from the heart of who God is. However, like a little toddler, she may want to drive a car but is not ready for it. You can’t run if you don’t walk yet and that is why I believe sometimes we don’t get what we want at the time, but eventually it will come to pass.

All desires are innately from God.

Even though I may be too unique for some people, I realize that being myself fuels my soul and being. In the past when I tried to compromise who I was, I felt miserable. When I forced myself to do things I didn’t want to, I felt like shit. 

And people who are too unique and stay too unique will get rejected repeatedly. It’s the story of my 29 years. It may take us longer to make “societal progress” but in the end, when we do thrive, we thrive by being who we are, not who we pretend to be.

I hope you are too unique for some people or some companies. That means you are being authentic. Don’t ever compromise yourself to become bland and boring for the sake of the herd. 

PS- during that time in college, I ended up designing halloween costumes and it was perfect because all I had to do was illustrate them at home and bring them to the company. I got to do what I was good at. The perfect opportunities are out there for you when you stop compromising and stop doing what you hate. 


Design Genius Season 3 Commercial

Hey folks! The design show I was in premiers March 13. Enjoy the commercial and spot me!

Info about the design show I was on.

Design Genius: Los Angeles is finally premiering next week on March 13, 2017 on Fashion One and Fashion Television channels.

Although the network isn’t available yet in the United States, Fashion One and Fashion Television are available in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and recently in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.
And also the website!



Magic Tradeshow – February 14 to 15


@ the Luichiny Shoe Party @ Magic Tradeshow (Feb 15, 2012). Vintage dress w/ headband by Heather Petrey.

@ Magic + TeenVogue Blogger Lounge

Despite the fact that I got a speeding ticket on my way to Vegas to attend Magic Fashion Tradeshow…I got a picture with Betsey Johnson. That already is epic enough. I’m not trying to boast, but one day, people will also line up for 2 hours to take a picture with me.

Some highlights from the show-

+ Desigual- live painting on free t-shirts (hot spanish guys painting your shirt while you’re wearing it)

+ Luichiny- shoe party

+ Teenvogue – blogger lounge, now bloggers are the new press (probably they’re better marketers than pros)

+Brazil Lounge @ Project- I love the Brazil lounge at Project. They highlighted local Brazilian fashion brands and gave information about going to Brazil on a press/buyer tour.

+ VIP lounge- spent 2 hours eating and drinking mochas/cappuccinos there- just because I love to eat good food.

Quote from a friend of a friend- “Wow, she’s a struggling entrepreneur? She looks really glamorous for being a struggling artist”. My reply “entrepreneurs know where to get their resources for free, borrowing clothes from friends, thrift shopping, and reusing/recycling”. Any struggling entrepreneur tips- feel free to comment!

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OC Fashion Week Designs- Enjoy!

OC Fashion Week Designs -November 2011

Amazing Photos taken by John Garduno!

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Pirouette Photography Shoots

Last Friday I got to shoot with Teresa Yu Fung, a friend of mine who has kicked off her freelance career as a photographer. We shot at Burbank around the shopping centers. It was really fun experimenting with poses, clothes, and angles.  Take a look at the preview shots. More to come!

*I made the skirt in the first photo. I’m also carrying Kewpie doll. 😉 By the way, did I mention how tiring modeling is? It is very tiring, I’m very impressed by professional models.

Credits: Photographed by Teresa Yu Fung. Wardrobe Styling by Rebekka Lien.

Welcome to my Creative Nest!

Welcome Welcome! As I finish off my Fashion Design program in Associate of Arts Degree at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM Los Angeles), I have decided to officially launch- this site, my designs, and ultimately my dream! My dream is to touch people with my designs, to change lives, to inspire, to help others express, dream and fully be themselves. You will see more and more designs posted as it takes awhile to update everything that I’ve created. There will be sketches, illustrations, paintings, collages, garments, fashion designs on live people- usually myself, music, blog entries, and inspirations (travel pictures, art, etc).

In the Fall, I will begin my business adventure in the Business Management program at FIDM. Lord willing, I hope to create a business, even internationally. Many of my designs are global and inspired by my exposure to different cultures, sights and smells, people, arts, and more! I hope to serve others with who I am- may we together explore this beautiful adventure called life.

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