She Left A Legacy, She Loved People

Friends I met in Sydney 🙂

I’m almost done with a book called “The Art of Non-Conformity- Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want and Change The World” by Chris Guillebeau. These are one of the many books I’ve been reading about living the “unconventional” and “abnormal life.

Amidst all my worries and angst, I was somehow able to find peace through reading this book. It’ll be okay, God will take care of me.

Then as I was driving home after eating with my cousin, I realized that all I really want to do with my life is to love people. Chris talked about what kind of legacy is it that you may want to leave, then live off of that. Perhaps I have my own baggage, my own issues, but I think loving people doesn’t come that hard to me. Of course, I’m not saying that I can stand everything about everyone, but I love meeting new people, I love building friendships with people. I’m a people person. People truly intrigue me. They are unique and special to me, each person.

I kind of had that epiphany and realized, “wow, the whole time I was getting sucked into the idea that I was living to survive, to make money, to pay bills….that is an outright lie. I’m here on EARTH to love people and to be loved, that is the sweetest and important thing of life”.

So perhaps, my life is in jeopardy in many peoples’ eyes, but without this jeopardy, I would not have arrived at this simple point.

Yes, November beckons a year of loving people and being romanced through life and experiences.

I just love meeting people and getting to know them. I like dancing with people, playing music with people, communicating with people, teaching people, being taught by people, and loving life with people. What is life- if you can’t live it with people?


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