Why I’m Done Backpacking 

I am not done traveling, no way -I still have 175 countries to go. But I’m done with the backpackers lifestyle. I will still travel solo with a backpack, but as for sharing a room with 10 people? I think I’m done. 


1. I’m a clean freak. I know, I have issues with stepping on floors that aren’t clean and need to either have socks on or have carpet. Concrete with dirt freaks me out. 

2. I’m a clean freak #2- at hostels if you’re paying $3 a night, and sharing bathrooms with 10 people, you usually won’t have 5 star hotel standards. I’m tired of smelling other people’s shit. 

3. Having stayed at 5 star hotels in Southeast Asia, I can say I much prefer a quiet room with cable and a big bed to myself versus hearing people snore or rude people blasting music at 11pm.

4. I’m done getting drunk- maybe I’ve really hit the old age mark, but I’m done getting hit on by lonely backpackers…and I am a woman now, I don’t need attention from men,  I know what I want in my potential spouse…and it’s definitely not a man who gets drunk every night. 

5. I’ve become more introverted and prefer to spend my time with either positive people or myself. 

That means I won’t compromise my values just to be with people. 

6. I love to dance and I’m social but again, I have standards now…and if it’s not with like minded people, I’d rather choose other activities. 

7. I’m a nomad not because I always love to be on the move, but because I like variety and challenge. Most people don’t like change, but when there’s not enough change or what I call growth in life- I get restless. So the last 3 months I’ve gotten to see the world, and I’ll be reconnecting with family and friends for a few more months, but I’d like to be stationed near the beach in LA.

I’d like to create like I used to, alone under a table, in a fantasy world. Where my heart is calm and not constantly responding to the needs of hungry souls. 

I’m a quiet soul. 

Calm soul. There’s lots of joy in here but I prefer quiet. I prefer ocean waves and hot coco to beligerent drunkenness without class. 


I’m a lady with a sense of humor who loves order in my closet, cleanliness in my dishes, quiet and dark at night, passion in my relationships, privacy, oh privacy in my life. 

That means living in a quiet town with deep conversations and wine, lager and laughter with 3-5 friends instead of 20 people. I cherish intimacy and loyalty, not superficiality. 

I spent 5 nights at a hotel while I was healing from my moped accident and that was the most peaceful time I had in 3 months. 

I was alone and I probably said 30 words max a day. “Can I order the soto ayam?” Yes room service.

I think I was always an introvert with a sensitive soul, but people liked me so much they made me an extrovert. 

But now even if people like me, I realize I don’t have to like them or even respond to their friendliness….not to be mean, but just to guard my heart from their over- dependency on others. 

So if you’ve seen the 5 star life I think I can live that life, a life that is luxurious, private and where people will treat me like a human being instead of asking me “where are you from?” 

That’s none of your business. 

Just call me miss and I’ll converse if I feel like it.  

Side note/ I have met amazing friends through staying at hostels or guest houses. That I am grateful for. Just in case you’re wondering I spent half my trip living alone in a private room.  


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Done Backpacking 

  1. I have spent a lot of time looking for a post like this. I LOVE IT. My husband and I leave in November 2016 to travel through Southeast Asia. We are trying to decide on hostels, hotel, or guest house. I, like you, am a clean freak. I am more worried about the room then I am pick pocketer, trying new food, and living in a new culture. I wish I wasn’t so worried about it but I am. Also we aren’t drinkers, we don’t really like noise, like to keep to ourselves, and we are far from roady. We are just a young couple trying to explore the world while being on a tight budget but that enjoys our privacy. Exactly like you said in your post. What I am getting at is…. do you have any recommendations? The only places we have ever stay while ever traveling in the USA has been in hotels. Thanks in advance. Tori

    1. Hi Tori! Thanks for writing!
      You know to be honest, I go back and forth because it is really great to socialize at hostels and make friends with people from all over the world, but then it is also good to take a break and pamper yourself! The hostels AND hotels in Southeast Asia are very affordable. It really depends on your budget. Honestly try doing a few days hostels, and if you don’t like it, you can always go somewhere else. I met A LOT OF FRIENDS through hostels but I also spent a few days are resorts in Thailand, hotels in Bali, bed and breakfast in Malaysia….the hostels in Vietnam are about $2-4, Thailand, about $5-11, Malaysia is the same as Thailand, but it really depends.
      There are private rooms in hostels that are quite affordable and would probably be the same as two beds in a hostel room.
      Let me know how everything goes and if you need any more advice! 🙂
      Sometimes I write ultimatums but doesn’t mean I won’t go back to staying at hostels, there is a time for everything haha. I stayed at hostels in Morocco and it was a wonderful experience.

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