My cultural heritage 

Having moved from Germany, to Taiwan to America, I encountered a lot of prejudice for being an immigrant or not speaking English.

Traveling through Southeast Asia I’ve encountered daily prejudices that I shrugged off but tonight I felt all the emotions welling up and ended up crying. I confronted it, it felt good. 

The thing is I want to be seen as a human being, not a race, culture or country. I’m an individual, with emotions, feelings, personality, hopes and dreams. 

How can we make changes in this world? 

One person at a time, see people as individuals, not for what the media tells you about a country.

All the hackling on the street, people asking me where I’m from, feels like verbal rape. It’s unwanted. 

It’s assault to the soul. 

There’s things I can’t explain- maybe just look up what third culture kid is. 



4 thoughts on “My cultural heritage 

  1. trotter387

    Sound reasons for settling for one person at a time, experience has taught me that the place to begin is with my attitude to what people say. When I am ready to be offended by the defensive aggression of others it drives that wedge between us but when I accept it as a challenge to become culturally acceptable to them without compromising who I am then the route isn’t easier but it becomes less stressful.
    There is no battle to be won. People are afraid of the unknown, the rhetoric about incomers and the sense that to to to their place you have access to funds so appreciate the complex response and start to make friends – let others tell them who you are and where you originate.
    It doesn’t always work but it gives me hope everytime I meet a new community or culture. Nice post Rebekka

    1. I believe everyone has opportunities and access to funds. It’s a choice how they want to live their life. Many Americans are also struggling, many people in the west are living on credit. I think it’s such a false assumption that westerners have loads of cash. Anyways you’re right about that. Thanks for the comment.

      1. trotter387

        You are right – you don’t need money to travel you need courage and if you are to overcome the barriers you need that same courage.
        The West isn’t rich because so many are living off the generations to come, so with more people travelling the reality of just how similar and different we are is emphasized. My mentor told me “just deal with what you have not what you think you have” eventually I understood.

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