My holiday season

My holiday season has been fighting bed bugs at a hostel in Bali. It’s a lot more calm I suppose than the norm of fighting shoppers at malls. I’m not obligated to buy presents for Christmas since I’m all the way across the world, but I’m also enjoying the freedom. 

I haven’t had a SIM card for 3 months and I haven’t missed a thing. Facebook is enough with wifi. 

I’ve learned to let go of things that I really badly wanted to control but couldn’t. 

You’d be surprised that I’m a writer but I haven’t had a laptop for one year. 

In addition I don’t have a money cushion, but I have a Faithful Father God who is provider, protector and comforter especially with these bed bugs that have been hassling me. 

I’ve been asking God who do you want to be for me today? It has made all the difference. You are loved. 

By the way watch me on Married By Mom and Dad on Sunday pacific time 9:30pm on TLC!    



2 thoughts on “My holiday season

  1. ben james

    What a inspiration you are to society. I want to quit my boring 9-5 job scraping shrimp here at red lobster and travel doing what you do.

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