3 Easy Ways To Keep Your New Years Resolution

Yes, 3 EASY ways to keep track of your life progress!

Have you already broken your new years resolution?

Well, no FEAR! You have only lived 7 days of the new years (2014). I have come up with 3 ingenious and EASY ways to keep your new years resolution. I realize that much of 2013 went by in a blur, even though I had goals, I was not diligently enough in looking at it. You see, you need to stare at that paper or file many times a week. 

UnknownEASY WAY to keep your new years resolution- 

KEEP A CALENDAR AND WRITE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, PRAISE, JOYS every day. At the end of the day, write down WHAT you accomplished, what you are proud of yourself for, milesteps (not stones),  what you are happy about, what you have learned that transformed you.

This way you can look back on what you have accomplished everyday and realize, wow I am PRETTY AWESOME. Don’t let it become a blur, especially for those that are self-employed and/or freelancing. 

Pick a big calendar or ask for a free one at the bank. It should be a monthly one where you can see each block per day. I am sure you can purchase one for 50% since we are 7 days in 2014.

Here is as free template, print it out and fill it out day by day.



SET deadlines! When do you want to achieve your goal or resolution?

Write this date down on your calendar, pretend it has already happened and      celebrate with your attitude. A heart of gratitude welcomes more gifts and blessings. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve the goal by your deadline because at least you tried and most of all, the universe will hear that desire and fulfill it one day.




 Note that It is NOT JUST what you accomplish, but WHO you become. Write down who you want to become this year and all your resolutions will align with your inner self.

In order to achieve anything great in life, you need to become the person that attracts success. This means forgiving others, being good to yourself, not being so hard on yourself, letting go, being kind to yourself and others, always learning and being receptive to grow in character, wisdom and depth. Also it is about becoming ALIVE, what makes you come alive? Success can be defined in your own way, is success just outward success to you? Or is success learning to let go, breathe, and be in the moment? Is success being happy whatever circumstance is surrounding you right now right here?

I would love to hear your thoughts and how you are doing with your resolutions! You can simply comment below or send one directly to me.


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