What You Will Do Anything To Achieve, You Will Achieve


4 months ago, I was sitting on the grass at a Hollywood picnic listening to an author talk about time traveling to the future. He said that all of us are time traveling, but not all of us know where we want to go. As I sat there, I envisioned Paris (I’ve been there, but for some reason I lost all my pictures). I also had stickers of the eiffel tower on my living room wall and had a journal with “Paris is always a good idea”.

I suddenly had this realization, what am I doing here?

Today I’ll have completed my travels, tomorrow I’ll be flying back to Los Angeles. Hey, I miss my LA peeps and dancing in LA.

Where have I gone?

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Florence, Rome, Naples, and finally Barcelona. My goal was to prove that I could make money doing one thing I loved, Travel. And somehow with the grace of the universe, with the perseverance of my mind and faith, I did it. 

I still was able to make money virtually. This is everyone’s dream isn’t it?

Before I left to Europe, I forced myself to write an ebook. I felt that I was giving all these free advice, but not making a cent sharing my wealth of knowledge. The thing is I’ve SUFFERED A LOT. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad for me….I’ve suffered, gotten real thin eating rice and kale in the beginning of my self-employment. I didn’t grow up in a rich family, I had low self worth, and ONLY by the grace of divinity, I’ve seen who I really am. 

I’m DIVINE, ROYALTY damn it! 

I really am! I’m completely whole, everything I want is manifested within first. I need to become THAT person first, the queen that wears her royal coat, her Burberry dress, Miu Miu sunglasses, or whatever you fancy.

Until you see who you really are, you are seriously that princess in rags. Think Disney.

And I’ve also learned that PEOPLE who don’t see who they really are will sometimes judge you, look down on you, think you are crazy, think you are lame, NOT SEE YOUR WORTH. But who has time for haters anyways? 

You don’t have time for that. You’ve got to time travel to where you really want to go.

And as I speak….I know that when you get this ebook, you’re signaling to the universe that you are READY to become the queen or king you really are. 

Adios and see you in LA! 

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Black Friday deals ends December 1! 

Hello friends! I’m sitting here in Florence, Italy and am heading to Barcelona tomorrow. In Europe, I have come up with many ideas that were inspired by the road. One of my inventions here was the lifestyle brand Smartspiritualsexy, inspired when I was walking on the streets in Paris. A few ideas came to my mind, I decided to continue teaching Yoga and Meditation for the months of January and February. In late March, I’ll be moving to West Hollywood, hola everyone!!! We’re introducing a speaker’s series and I’ll even throw a FREE EVENT to help inspire people who want to grow in their entrepreneur endeavors.

I’m throwing deals out so YOU can benefit from my travels and inspirations!! 

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 How To Make Money Doing What You Love, Retails $24.99, now for only $10. 

+ Learn how you can build a business around what you love

+ Practical steps to making a profit from your hobbies NOW!

+ Learn how I grew my business from $60.16 in the bank


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The universe is moved by your meditation. 

1 hour of meditation is worth more than 7 hours of physical labor. 

What I mean by that is that your inner life and intentions form your reality. Your thoughts are things. What you are, you manifest. I’ve learned this from the past 3 years being self-employed. I had to let go and reprogram my mind to succeed. You see, growing up I was constantly sent the message that I wasn’t enough. I had low self-worth and didn’t feel like I deserved much in life, especially in my finance. Later on, I studied up on law of attraction and attended many conferences, such as Tony Robbin’s. I realized that my finance was heavily linked to what I thought I was worth. 

Are YOU ready to become who you really are? 

You see, our spirits are constantly battling with reality. Our spirit knows who we really are, but sometimes our reality does not match up to who we really are and we question our worth. If you are ready to become greater, better, more AT PEACE with yourself and manifest your dream life…..EASILY and GRACEFULLY, without any work on your part…simply by committing to one hour of yoga and meditation per week, you’ll start to see a shift in your consciousness and reality. 

You’ll see that your spirit will start to match with your reality. You’re meant for greatness.

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The Yoga and Meditation Course takes place in San Marino (Los Angeles) and begins January 10, 2014, every Saturday 7-8pm. Register now for only $89 per month (deal ends December 1, 2014). Invite your friends!

Your Entrepreneur Coach, Manifest Your Dreams With Ease and Grace 

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BUY- How To Make Money Doing What You Love- A Practical To Starting Now!

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YEP, it’s finally out.


Yes, I am a self-employed entrepreneur and have been since 2011. I have been hustling in various ways. You might be wondering how I have managed to stay alive in these difficult economic times. I’m here to share my NON-BS, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, easy to read MANUAL on HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

I quit my job 3 years ago and have never gone back to 9 to 5. I share all of my hidden secrets about how I monetized and profit from my talents, skills, and hobbies. You might have fears about starting your own business or of becoming an entrepreneur, but here, for the price of a meal (in LA), get to read and learn everything I did to survive and thrive in difficult economic times, without an employer. Buying this manual will be your stepping stone to living the life you want, while making money doing it!


For just $24.99, half the price of your internet bill, cable tv, 1/4 of your phone bill, the cost of 1 MEAL in LA, a manicure….

You can actually buy the knowledge that TOOK ME 3 years of ENTREPRENEURSHIP, thousands of dollars in live education, THOUSANDS of hours listening to audio books, reading, thousands of hours teaching, perfecting my art, selling, marketing, promoting, conducting business…to attain. 

HOLY SHIT. What a deal. Almost 40 pages of BLUNT, TO THE POINT, NO BS, GET IT DONE, MAKE SOME MONEY MANUAL which includes:

1. How to become anything you want to be and do anything you want for work! 

2. How to monetize what you have NOW

3. How to sell your talents and skills

4. How to start your own business based on something you know now

5. How to create a virtual lifestyle

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Speak Up Contest!



Art by Justine TF- Visit my friends’ websites, she is an amazing artist with something amazing to express! “http://facebook.com/TheJustineTF

Anyone who likes, comments, and/or shares this blog post “Speak Up” until Friday, April 11 at 11:59 pm PST will be entered to to win a “Speak Up” art print by Justine TF.

Her artwork Speak Up inspired me to speak boldly for my life, my desires and my dreams….I thank her for influencing me with her creative expression. Thanks Justine!

Here’s a poem and blog post dedicated to SPEAKING UP!

Speak Up-

When all feels dim and your thoughts are cluttered, speak up and don’t wait until it is too late.

Let your words flow from your heart, words that are true, words that are raw, let yourself be,

be vulnerable, be wanting, be sad, be romanced….

Let your words be true, speak up.

When the lights are dimmed and the bugs creep up the walls of my fermented heart, I let oxygen in, breathing deeply, I allow the vocal chords to open up and that fresh voice, so long abandoned, sings.

Courage, to be.

Courage, to feel.

Courage, to speak, up, up higher than we can ever know, up, up higher than we will ever reach, eclipsing.

We are allowed to be who we want to be, at the end of the day, speak up, don’t speak when it is too late to rescue the forgotten hearts.

Relationships don’t work because of fear, when someone does not bring 100% to the table because they are scared to get hurt, the relationship fails. Love is boldly loving 100%, love is self-sacrificing ONLY when it is based on love, not fear. Love is speaking TRUTH and speaking what is on your heart so that fear does not creep in and get the better of you.

I find that as humans we often hold back who we truly are to please people. For that moment, we are granted temporary acceptance, yet we have caused our hearts to die a little more. That once beating heart, slowly losing tempo…until one day, we have ceased to feel. That is the biggest tragedy we will have encountered. I hope that you never let that happen, because a life that is worth living is a life that you FIGHT for, that means you FIGHT for your voice and yourself. When we live in the authentic expression of who we really are, we will also allow others’ soul to soar and sing. Then we will have done our job as human beings on earth.

Will you allow your spirit to soar? Because you are worth it, you are a bird wants to be free. How many people crave the truest expression of their hearts, yet struggle to be who they really are? You can find it in love, there is absolutely NO fear in love.

Rebekka – your freedom fighter


Instagram- Rebekkalien

Anyone who likes, comments, and/or shares this blog post “Speak Up” until Friday, April 11 at 11:59 pm PST will be entered to to win a “Speak Up” art print by Justine TF. www.facebook.com/justinetfart

3 Ways To Grow Your Busine$$

Success Series


3 Ways I have Personally Grown My Business

If you want to start your own business or you are in a season of drought, know that wealth and success is not built overnight. As a young entrepreneur, I have experienced many seasons of drought and am experiencing a birthing of success caused by sowing of millions of seeds and hard work.

Listen as I share how YOU can grow your business and experience more success!

“The Universe is very constant. The Laws of the Universe dictates that if you don’t give up, the door will eventually open”.

Look forward to the next audio next weekend!

Email me if you have any questions I can answer via Success Series next week- rebekkalien@gmail.com or comment below! 

4 IMPORTANT TIPS for Entrepreneurs

4 Important tips for Entrepreneurs

This video was inspired by one moment of success after 1 year of hard work, I realized that I needed to put my wisdom into writing to share with you.

Nothing worth doing is easy, discipline, hard work and PERSEVERANCE is key. Watch this video, and watch until the end!

Your best amiga entrepreneur,

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your New Years Resolution

Yes, 3 EASY ways to keep track of your life progress!

Have you already broken your new years resolution?

Well, no FEAR! You have only lived 7 days of the new years (2014). I have come up with 3 ingenious and EASY ways to keep your new years resolution. I realize that much of 2013 went by in a blur, even though I had goals, I was not diligently enough in looking at it. You see, you need to stare at that paper or file many times a week. 

UnknownEASY WAY to keep your new years resolution- 

KEEP A CALENDAR AND WRITE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, PRAISE, JOYS every day. At the end of the day, write down WHAT you accomplished, what you are proud of yourself for, milesteps (not stones),  what you are happy about, what you have learned that transformed you.

This way you can look back on what you have accomplished everyday and realize, wow I am PRETTY AWESOME. Don’t let it become a blur, especially for those that are self-employed and/or freelancing. 

Pick a big calendar or ask for a free one at the bank. It should be a monthly one where you can see each block per day. I am sure you can purchase one for 50% since we are 7 days in 2014.

Here is as free template, print it out and fill it out day by day.



SET deadlines! When do you want to achieve your goal or resolution?

Write this date down on your calendar, pretend it has already happened and      celebrate with your attitude. A heart of gratitude welcomes more gifts and blessings. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve the goal by your deadline because at least you tried and most of all, the universe will hear that desire and fulfill it one day.




 Note that It is NOT JUST what you accomplish, but WHO you become. Write down who you want to become this year and all your resolutions will align with your inner self.

In order to achieve anything great in life, you need to become the person that attracts success. This means forgiving others, being good to yourself, not being so hard on yourself, letting go, being kind to yourself and others, always learning and being receptive to grow in character, wisdom and depth. Also it is about becoming ALIVE, what makes you come alive? Success can be defined in your own way, is success just outward success to you? Or is success learning to let go, breathe, and be in the moment? Is success being happy whatever circumstance is surrounding you right now right here?

I would love to hear your thoughts and how you are doing with your resolutions! You can simply comment below or send one directly to me.

13 Days of Mediation- Day 4- How To Change The World For FREE

Today I decided to record a video for you!

I did not script this video…to show you that it is OKAY to be authentic with your speech.


How Will You Change the World?

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Your Mindset Shapes Your Reality

Yesterday I had an epiphany, I wanted to dig deeper into why I had this hovering fear. I came into the conclusion that underneath it all, there was this fear that “I am not enough”. 

I strongly believe that we, underneath the outer material appearances, long to fulfill this question “am I worth it?” As human beings, we long for this existential peace which we think we can attain by:

1. Doing more, because then people will see I’m worth it

2. Earning more, because then we can buy the things that will show that we are worth it

3. Rebelling to the point of being on the brink of being hated by many- this is also a method in which we can portray our worth to others, by trying REALLY hard to be different, and essentially not being who we really are.

I can go on to list how we manifest our reality with our mindsets. We must be aware that there are mindsets that will lead us to emptiness. Here are a few:

1. The spirit of poverty and a mindset that there is scarcity in the world– this leads us to compete with others, even in the mind. As we compare ourselves to those that are more successful, we are believing in the lie that we are NOT ENOUGH.

2. The belief that we are really all the same and that we must conform in order to win– this is also fatal as usually the unique stand out in the market, not the conformists.

Perhaps we can replace our negative mindsets with:

1. I am destined for a unique destiny

2. I am loved and fated to change history

3. I am a world shaker

4. My life is my responsibility, I should only focus on my life and what my destiny calls me to do, versus trying to figure out what other people are doing and imitating it. There’s only one of you, so make sure you are not trying to be someone else.