1. Don’t wait until everything is PERFECT– because life is not perfect and your life will always have ups and downs, take it from me!! I quit my full time job when I had just moved out for one month. Of course I had rent to pay, but somehow I followed MY GUTS.

If you wait for life to be PERFECT, you’ll NEVER DO anything worth doing.

2. Who said you had to GET A BIG LOAN to start your business? Start Small.

By business, you don’t need to be this BIG CEO of this BIG corporation….you just need to have your own idea, and run with it. Even if you are working out of your 200 sq ft studio and using your kitchen counter to create great crafts, writing your epic poems, or developing your own software.

By starting small, you have little risk to make big mistakes that may cost your whole life savings- if you have any. By starting small, you build on strong foundations and learn from every mistake you make.


The number one fear people have is HOW PEOPLE WILL VIEW THEM. Don’t give a crap about what people think. IN THE END, it is YOUR LIFE, not theirs to live. The weirder you are, the more people will notice you. Trust me, I was voted MOST UNIQUE in high school. Did I care a lot before? YES. Do I sometimes STILL care? Yes.


Write a general schedule, a general plan and goals….but let the SPIRIT take you. Allow ROOM to meander, flow in the zone.

I started my business (Business of Rebekka Lien) by trying things. I’m still trying things everyday. I was inspired by street vendors selling feather earrings in Australia, started reselling myself, wholesaled, then sold used items, etc. I tried everything. Then I started teaching, and when one didn’t pay enough, I started hiring myself to teach private lessons.

I got job promoted pretty fast- BY MYSELF.

ImageWhen I first started, I had no idea if what I was doing was “THE RIGHT WAY”.

There’s no right way. There’s only one way, the one you try.


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