The Definition of Bitch.

In our day and age, sometimes it is difficult to elaborate what it means to be a woman. How are we different from men? 

Well, we have more hormones, we’re the mother of children, we’re feminine, we’re intuitive, great at multi-tasking and negotiating, and are usually the people compassionate to do something about the poor, the sick, the weak, the children, etc.

In a more modern sense, by the likes of society, women have been categorized.

There’s two categories-

1. Bitches

2. Non- bitches, or so called normal woman

I was talking to my friend the other day, she mentioned “of course we become bitches, because men will not stop harassing us, so we have to look straight forward, not glance around or even smile- otherwise they’ll get the wrong idea”. I thought that was such a strong commentary on our society today. 

Second, our educational system and/or culture does not teach us how to speak up, wisely for our needs. Especially, women. Men are raised to know what they need and want, and to go after it without much hindrance. 

What happens then? Women become “bitches” because we have emotional outbursts over needs that have not been met….buried so deep within we don’t even know it’s there. Women, we can’t even elaborate it ourselves and we keep giving until we’re empty.

My question is, how do we speak up for our needs without coming off as a Bitch. 

By knowing what we need FIRST and elaborating that truth to the world and helping other women to clarify the desires deep within their hearts. 




One thought on “The Definition of Bitch.

  1. Peter Lee

    Hi Rebekka!

    I see that too. Kate finds it very hard and it also upsets her that in order to make certain guys realize that she’s not interested, she has to become a bit mean and unresponsive before they get the point…and still some times they don’t.

    The answer I believe comes from the church. You’ve probably seen this, but I’ve noticed that every church that I’ve been to and/or served at as a pastor, has at least one of these very forward and direct woman who speaks up with attitude and makes even the more extroverted men intimidated of her. But, what is amazing is that although every church has one or a few of these types of women, they are tolerated, and instead of being called names, they are cared for and befriended by other brothers and sisters in Christ, sometimes even asked to lead because they have such passion and good speaking ability, and if she is derided, it is usually in the form of “I wonder if she respects pastoral authority, or if that’s just her personality.”

    Anyway, after 38 years of living, the only place I have seen someone not called a “bitch” when they acted in this manner was at church. I think this is something great and praiseworthy to God about. =)

    In His Grace,

    Peter Lee


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