30 Rock


This blog post is titled 30 Rock, because I have been watching episodes of 30rock almost every single night.

I know, it sounds a little depressing, but it really isn’t. While I watch awesome episodes of 30 Rock, I write holiday cards, put jewelry together, print fliers, I multi-task.

Recently I have been thinking about the condition of America, mostly people like Liz Lemon (fictionally but also literally, or physically). Women who achieve academically and in their career, but are unable to find the love of their lives. At the same time, I think about those that are truly happy about their career, but also deep down want to be loved.

Then I think about men in our society, and what that even means for men to be men. WE have many expectations to fill, yet- few of us actually FOLLOW our hearts’ desire. The other question is, what is our hearts’ desire?

My heart’s desire, as mushy as this is going to sound, is to know that I am loved and lovable. This probably won’t come from fame, or even a nice husband. I have to ultimately KNOW that I am loved, to love myself.

To love myself…is to WASH my dishes after 3 days.

To love myself….is to drink enough water so I am not having heat flashes from dehydration.

To love myself….means to go to the bathroom instead of holding my pee when I need to pee and I’m watching 30rock.

To love myself….is to stop touching the pimples on my face.

To love myself….is to write and be happy with my voice.

To love myself….is to promise that ONE DAY I will meet Oprah.

To love myself….is to follow my heart’s desires, instead of suppressing them.

It is to trust that the universe has ME in mind and that My dreams…are aligned with many peoples’ desires.

What does it mean to YOU to love yourself?


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