The Life of An Atypical Third Cultured Taiwanese Woman- “Freedom Begins in Your Soul, Not in Your Circumstances”

It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve come back from Australia.

A lot has changed, pre – Australia and post- Australia.

I knew that every time I got on the airplane for a trip overseas, seasons of my life would change, pages in my book will flip. None of the changes in my life are subtle, they are drastic, refreshing, sometimes slow…yet, still always huge and intense.

  1. I’ve been 3 months into my jewelry business
  2. I’ve met tons of people randomly, at the copy shop, on the streets, in cafes, online, you name it…
  3. I worked for a gifts company freelance, at times working 9 hours straight and meeting lots of people through it
  4. I’ve danced a lot coming back
  5. I’ve sort of settled into stable relationships and learned to nestle instead of bounce around
  6. I’ve been living month to month for the last 3 months, at times suffering, yet most times, gaining wisdom from my circumstances.
  7. I’ve found PEACE in “being”, instead of finding identity from “doing”. Out of “being” I have been able to rest even when I don’t know what’s coming next, even when all I have is this feeling that “something big is coming”, an opportunity ive been waiting for…this is contrary to what our society tells us…”waiting is bad”- says modern aged Americans. Waiting can be daunting if our identity is in “what we do”- but once we realize we are worth “THE REST”, we will live an overflowing life. It really hasn’t been that long since my freelance “free life” has begun, I’ve subbed taught violin, taught sewing lessons, baby sat, sold clothes on ebay, sold jewelry, sold clothes at consignment shops, hunted for coins (found 20 plus dollars in coins!), gotten lots of miracle money, brought “my trunk store” to parties and gatherings, and met tons of people that are vying for the life I now live.

Even though I have a few cents in my bank account, no health insurance, and no savings. Am I scared? No. I’ve never been happier! I’m going to prove to people that the American Dream isn’t what gives you happiness and that freedom can’t be bought, freedom begins in your soul, not in your circumstances!

At a goth club, I don’t fit in.

Now we fit in.

Follow my adventurous life- you won’t be disappointed.

To continue reading my blog and see me succeed in life- shop ze store-

Adios! Rebekka

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