May 16- Hope In The City Fashion Show


Hope In The City Fashion Show is FAST approaching- I have a COUTURE- esque design in the show (punk, funk, deconstructed couture gown), modeled by Hana Lee, amazing model with attitude!  I created a Facebook Event, so search “Hope In The City” and RSVP or just show up!  No RSVP required.  If you are walking in FIDM’s student lounge, you will also see fliers posted.  All are welcome to come!


(above) The day I had to turn in my design.   Yes, me furiously and ferociously sewing away.  You do not want to miss out on this event, my friend designers have all put their hard work into designing their spanking pieces.  Plus all proceeds benefit Awaken Humanity Projects, bringing hope to the city & other needs!

I’m excited to see many of you there and hope to meet NEW FRIENDS– so if you are reading this and you are at this point a stranger to me, walk up to me and introduce yourself!  🙂   I look forward to seeing you!

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