Turning 25

Turning 25

Hey friends!
It has been a long while since I wrote to you. Since awhile back, I turned 25. Nutty right? Time sure goes by fast. But I’m not going to write anything too generic right now.

I feel extremely SUPERBLY blessed. I am thankful to the Universe, To God for my EXTREME journey. A year ago, I was on a rocky journey of finding purpose and talent in myself. I was physically skinny because I wasn’t eating much, because I was broke, and I was also emotionally and spiritually broke. I was trying to find identity and worth in my work rather than my being….but also I had allowed myself to get on THIS journey towards fulfillment and LIFE ABUNDANT.


Ask any of my friends. It was amazingly awful just thinking about how I was unable to buy even a cup of coffee and yet, the small mysteries and JOY I found in the small things.

I watched “Queen of Versailles” on Netflix today. It really reminded me of HOW we can take things for granted. The founder of Westgate, time shares….one of the BIGGEST, going from owning millions, billions, and building a Versailles 30 room estate, going into foreclosure and liquidating everything due to being late on mortgages.

Somehow money controlled their livelihood and joy.

I feel more emotionally stable than I have EVER felt in my 25 years. That is because in our suffering, we build patience, which gives the power to practice….leading to perfection of an overflowing life.

So if you are at a point in your life where you feel like…”I’m NOT THERE YET”….All of us are right there with you. Wherever you are, it’s somehow called “here”. So BE present. Stop caring about your hair and what people think about your shirt….or simply being insecure, simply BE PRESENT.

And soon enough, you’ll step into the glory that you were meant to live….even if you don’t think you are THERE yet, you are here already inside.

A year ago, I was making minimum wage teaching sewing, now I make a lot more than that….because I know my worth now.

Rebekka Lien

Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Lady & Teacher


Why Take The Difficult Path For What You Want

Now, I’m starting to see why this year had to happen. Nothing seems to phase me now. I’m surrounded by nature, hummingbirds, sun, I have my own yard, I live alone. I have personal space.

Every adversity is a stepping stone to who you want to be. And what you want.

Guess what? They are not stumbling blocks or even obstacles to your dreams. The adversities, the discouragements are only stepping stones. You step on them to get to the next stair steps. When you feel discouraged, you focus on your goal, you focus on the goodness of life.

I did not want to sit on my butt for 8 hours aday, so I had to create something mobile. I had to quit, I traveled, I saw the world, I started selling jewelry and clothes. After going to South America, I was stumped again. I was broke again, I had to reinvent the wheel. I started posting my private lessons on Craigslist, I started building my clientale. I started to hone my skills, now I teach sewing, mandarin, piano…

The great thing about being a creative entrepreneur, 2 days I can be on the road teaching. Today, I get to wake up and sit in nature, work on my online business, and write. Tonight, my friend and I are hosting our first meeting of Fashion Shares, a community of women for the purpose of empowering each other!

Question of the Day: How do you find out what you want to do in life?

Answer: You don’t, you live and learn. You try and learn from mistakes, but you can always have a big vision. For me, I always wanted to empower people, so I delved into things that allowed me to be with people. I also love managing my own time, and I didn’t know this until someone else started managing my time. That’s when I knew I couldn’t continue being controlled. There are very strategic ways to weed out options- if you have questions comment below! 🙂

Remember: The difficult path IS messy, you will cry many times, you will be frustrated even more, but the pay off is….after the messiness of trying things out, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, you’ll come out of it wiser and you’ll know MORE of what you’re good at and want to do.

How To Look Like A Teacher When You Look 14

Hi Friends!

First off, I want to thank you for following my blog! It means a LOT to me, especially since I’m going to publish a book soon (just have to write it since I have no idea what to write about specifically). THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for listening to me talk. I got 49 followers on July 7! Must be my lucky day.

Second, today’s topic is: How To Look Like A Teacher When You Look 14!

If you are young hearted, you probably do look 14 anyways. I look 14 without makeup and the appropriate teacher clothes. Since I am going to teach a sewing camp this week, I wanted to give YOU some tips on how you can look like a teacher.

1. Wear makeup– I surely am a feminist, woman’s rights kind of girl, but without makeup I look 12 sometimes. There were times my 12 year old students had makeup on and actually looked older than me. Yah, kids grow up fast these days.

2. Wear some kind of flowy, business-like shirt– because they don’t wrinkle. When your shirt wrinkle, you are telling the world you don’t know what you’re sayin’. Your students can’t help but stare at the wrinkles.

3. Don’t look confused– yes, don’t look confused. Look like you know what you’re talking about. This is very important, even if you forget something- have the “I know what I’m doing” look. Otherwise, you lose legitimacy right away!

4. Do know you are the teacher, even if the students are older than you- Unfortunately, ageism DOES occur. At first, older students who can be my mom’s age will ask me where the REAL teacher is, or they’ll give me a skeptics’ look. Don’t be afraid. Speak with authority….and

5. Finally, TAKE THINGS LIGHTLY- The great thing about teaching is that you are THERE TO CONNECT with your students, not to just look like a teacher. Thus, whatever age you are, it’s best to know what kind of life your students live, what they like, what justin bieber songs they listen to, and who they are crushing on on tv. It’s better that you’re cool with them, then they are bored by you. That’s my advice anyway.

Most students love me because I like to connect on their level and I believe, treating students like human beings makes all the difference. DUH! Woohoo!

What do you do to look like a teacher?? Comments very welcome!

May 16- Hope In The City Fashion Show


Hope In The City Fashion Show is FAST approaching- I have a COUTURE- esque design in the show (punk, funk, deconstructed couture gown), modeled by Hana Lee, amazing model with attitude!  I created a Facebook Event, so search “Hope In The City” and RSVP or just show up!  No RSVP required.  If you are walking in FIDM’s student lounge, you will also see fliers posted.  All are welcome to come!


(above) The day I had to turn in my design.   Yes, me furiously and ferociously sewing away.  You do not want to miss out on this event, my friend designers have all put their hard work into designing their spanking pieces.  Plus all proceeds benefit Awaken Humanity Projects, bringing hope to the city & other needs!

I’m excited to see many of you there and hope to meet NEW FRIENDS– so if you are reading this and you are at this point a stranger to me, walk up to me and introduce yourself!  🙂   I look forward to seeing you!