Bear- ing Love. Is it bearable?

Once upon a time, a girl grew up raising herself.

Her mom was out working, she alone, hugging a bear.

She was very lonely, but she named her white polar bear- “mommy”.

She would hug her bear and say “mommy”.  As lonely as she was,

she fought for herself, she grew to be independent, she depended on herself.  But she was still lonely.  Her creator saw that she was lonely so He gave her a new heart- she finally found true love.  Even at times, she is reminded of how lonely she used to be- playing under a table, running out to grocery stores, listening to the cat meow outside her room.  She squished a bee, dead, buried it too.  But that was the past.

He gave her a gift, she held on tight, remembering the bear.  Maybe that’s why gifts mean so much to her- a reminder of the only thing that kept her sane in dark loneliness. A symbol of love.  But now she is sane, she is loved.  Now she is ready to lay down her own life so others can find true love.  She wants to share this love.  Holding on, holding on, a reminder, a reminder.  It’s okay mommy, stroking the bear, she wants to cry with mommy because mommy feels the same pain.  Remember your creator, remember Love.

The girl was actually me.  A true story so real, the pain a deep root within, it hurts to speak, so she sewed her heart shut.  Tears were unavoidable, but she cried in her closet, her eyes grew big from crying.  She didn’t understand why she saw judgemental glances, all she could do was pray.  People say Jesus is fake, is a laughable religious figure.  You must be blind, because in my closet crying, I met Jesus- the only one that comforted me when all mocked me.  Me and my unique self.  Now I am whole, now I am loved, I go after the one who went before me.  I go- I am going.


One thought on “Bear- ing Love. Is it bearable?

  1. JonJoN

    hmm i was going to ask if this girl was u
    yup when we r lonely, in need of help and praying, we would feel Jesus there for us a lot of times.
    some ppl say we r just comforting ourselves by saying Jesus is real, but i, if someday i have the courage, will say to them that it is a love that we need to try hard to feel. HARD–i dunno how to explain, maybe u know what i mean haha =] but i think its faith.

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