Welcome to my Creative Nest!

Welcome Welcome! As I finish off my Fashion Design program in Associate of Arts Degree at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM Los Angeles), I have decided to officially launch- this site, my designs, and ultimately my dream! My dream is to touch people with my designs, to change lives, to inspire, to help others express, dream and fully be themselves. You will see more and more designs posted as it takes awhile to update everything that I’ve created. There will be sketches, illustrations, paintings, collages, garments, fashion designs on live people- usually myself, music, blog entries, and inspirations (travel pictures, art, etc).

In the Fall, I will begin my business adventure in the Business Management program at FIDM. Lord willing, I hope to create a business, even internationally. Many of my designs are global and inspired by my exposure to different cultures, sights and smells, people, arts, and more! I hope to serve others with who I am- may we together explore this beautiful adventure called life.

Please feel free to email me with questions/feedback: rebekkalien@gmail.com

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