Prophetic Word- Do Things That Scare You

It’s not your responsibility to make people happy.

Prophetic Word- 

Some of you always wait until the perfect moment but it never arrives. Some try to prepare, I see you reading books and videos, and you never step out of your door. You are scared to go out and just live, just enjoy life. You are scared of the messiness of what life looks like.

You’re scared of confrontation because you don’t know what to expect. You don’t live life because you don’t like the unexpected but your life has become dull and boring. You’re scared to open your mouth.

BUT SEE what will happen if you just open your mouth, even if it doesn’t make sense and it’s a mess, it’s not perfect, it’s you. 

Let the thoughts roll out of your mouth, don’t edit it, just say it.

OH what freedom! What freedom. I can do what I want and say what I wan’t.

This is a freedom ministry, a freedom ministry.

OH WHAT freedom!







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Rebekka’s Debut Art Show…Behind the Scenes & My Ecuador Trip

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Rebekka Lien’s Debut Art Show – “The Reckoning”

Art sales/Rebekka Lien jewelry sales will fund her volunteer trip to see Marco, her sponsored child in Ecuador. To learn more/donate click:
+All regular-priced merchandise @ TaxiCDC will be 40% off. Night of only!
+Refreshments will be served!

“Yes, you need to be careful, don’t carry 20’s and hide your money in your shoes”- she said. I randomly met a girl who lived in Ecuador for four months. We talked about traveling solo as an Asian woman. It’s hard to believe, but from experience, being Asian (and traveling) is definitely different from being any other race. Traveling is another ball park, depending on where you are. If you’re in France, sometimes they start speaking Japanese to you (even though I’m Taiwanese). If you’re in China, but American Asian- they get totally confused. Some countries that stereotypically love Asian women, well, cat calling and stares are pretty typical.

As I’m preparing for the art show (above), I still haven’t booked my return flight. I’m not sure how everything will fall into place, I’m still waiting as you can see. I wanted to go to Brazil to cover their fashion industry, but after a few months, I still haven’t received a response.

A few people have urged me not to go out of safety, but now I am thinking of staying in Ecuador for a shorter time, and then flying to San Paulo. The only thing is that if I go to Brazil, I need to apply for my visa ASAP!

So all of this, up in the air……..everyday before the art show, I’m mentally focused on getting my art together. So much mental energy goes into an event. For example: getting fliers printed, inventory, marketing…my brain is spinning even though it may just be a two hour event. As an artist, I’m concerned about maximum turn out and maximum fundraising! Also, I really need to get my art done, framed, ready to sell. This all for the love of people and traveling.

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Lying on a Raft, Current Directing

I’m lying on a raft, I see faces staring at me from the land, with marks of white and red, eyes wide.

I’m relaxing while the rest holds weapons of fear, wondering whether to attack or not. But I’m far away and safe in the river and beds of waters.

What if, what if, what if..they ask?

I’m already there- but I’m peaceful as a bird. The what if’s have happened, and I’m laughing and dancing still. I’m not on land, only on waters, but the current is taking me where it will, not according to my will- but according to destiny.

There is a land inside of my soul, my temporary body. The waters are flowing and the greens are lush, trees grow and flowers bloom. My outward being ages each day, but my inward being ages with wisdom, growing stronger each day.

I love these 25 beautifully illustrated thought provoking questions-

Perhaps sometimes living requires a submission of your soul into the universe, allowing a higher being to lead you into your true destiny. Perhaps knowing that you’ll be alright and not caring about what people think.