Comedy Showcase November 7 North Hollywood

I would love to see you guys there! Let me know if you are coming!

God bless you!

Rebekka Lien


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2 Years Later


Almost 2 years after I signed with a commercial acting agent, I find myself in a place I’ve never thought I’d be.

Instead of going and following a traditional path, God led me to places I never thought I’d go. I backpacked in Europe for 2 months, I went to England, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Holland….right after I signed and was supposed to go the traditional path. I had a dream that confirmed my next step, I was to quit my career in real estate.

I auditioned a bunch in the entertainment industry, but something inside of me needed more of life, love and healing. I felt that God had closed all the doors. I wanted to go deeper with God and even though everything around me told me to follow the A, B, C’s, I listened to my heart. 

I had been an entrepreneur for 5 years, but I was still holding onto my dreams, not allowing God to possess all of my heart.

Then I moved, I sold everything.

God was building my insides, my power, my identity.

In September of last year, I left LA with a one way ticket to Thailand. I traversed through Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, then Taiwan.

This year, God opened doors for me to “travel for free”, through and with my passions. I got to do a travel show in Paris, I then went to Morocco on my own. I came back and flew to Philippines for a fashion tv show. Even then I realized that I had held onto personal “hows”- meaning I had a controlled plan for what I thought should happen and what I thought God should do to open doors for me to honor Him.

Now I know God never works in our finite ways. 

He is infinitely creative and we really need to get out of our own ways. 

It has been a few months since I’ve auditioned at all for anything. I’ve just been focusing on my inner strength and strengthening the relationships I have. Today I’ll go in not looking to please, but to go with the power and spirit that God has put inside of me. I’ve grown in many ways, but the most important way- knowing my identity, not in the stamp of approval that society and industries give, but in knowing my daughtership in Christ. 


Simplified Chinese and Jewish grandmas. 

“Look into the camera, think of all the things you’ve been through.”

Yes, I’ve been through hell and back. My eyes sunk, with a depressed voice I started reading the simplified Chinese on the board. If only she knew what I’ve been through. Of course I wouldn’t get this one, I’ve just butchered the whole Chinese language.

I waited for the bus, a 2 hour ride home. 2 grandma- aged ladies start complimenting my outfit. A 1 hour conversation ensues on the bus. I’m reminded that we are always at the right place at the right time, not always to get the goal, but to enjoy the process, and this time with my two Jewish mamas. Hearing their stories remind me how our lives are rich with love and lost, and that is the true beauty of growth.


Sleeping In The Nude

I like to sleep in the nude.

I know, TMI (too much information). The reason I am unveiling this fact is because I am so overwhelmed by how much I manifested this year that I started formulating words in my mind while trying to sleep and well, I really have to get it out there.

2014 has been an incredible incredible year. 2014 marked 3 years of self-employment. I am about to unveil some pretty personal stories.


1. I finally believed and OWNED the fact that I am an amazing entrepreneur who overcame poverty mentality and LEARNED my worth. Everything I have learned in the last 3 years…was like, leading me to NOW. I learned that IT ALL STARTS IN THE MIND. You can’t manifest what you want, or even GO for it, if you don’t think you can achieve it or think that you DESERVE to achieve it. People think that STRIVING and working hard will get them to where they want. Actually, investing in your inner life will DO MUCH MORE than putting in more hours and more energy! OMG REVELATION people. I know…why do people teach the opposite? 


2. In January, I started a mastermind of people...we meet at cafes and at home. It’s called KreativHaus (German for Creative House). It’s a bit underground, but will definitely develop!


3. I started teaching yoga and meditation in April and the PHENOMENAL results were astounding. The fact that I was able to bring together like minded people, help them heal and even create a transcendental spiritual community was groundbreaking for me. Watching these people talk and mingle….for an hour of their life, being completely detached from their phones was one of my proudest moments. It makes my heart feel alive and makes me want to cry.


4. In June I had this URGE To take a Comedy Improv Class. This led to the teacher asking me if I was interested in commercial acting. When I was in middle school, I remember feeling like I wanted to be an actress. A yelling drama teacher and a bad grade made me rethink my dream. HOLY CRAP, I gave up that easily….but the universe didn’t give up on me. I took a class and soon, got an offer to sign with a commercial acting agent. I was shocked how easy it was, so shocked that I started doubting myself….you see entrepreneurs doubt too, all the time, but anyways…


5. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend of 2.3 years. I wanted to get married around 30, but he was thinking 10 years more than 30. This was conflicting and I decided that it was best for us to separate. Was it easy? No, hell no. I’m still recovering, but I see life as an upgrade…I also see dating like interviewing for a suitable job. No one is wrong, it’s just not the right job, just not the right person and that’s okay!

6. After going to a lecture about time travel, I decided to ask myself “WHAT DO I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT?” – times 10. I was afraid to reveal this, but ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS TRAVEL. I realized I was being hypocritical by teaching “How To Make Money Doing What You Love” workshops and not traveling while making income….if I taught that you could really make money doing what you love, I needed to make money traveling. So there, I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I needed to honor my heart.

I booked a flight to London a month ago and have decided to backpack in Europe until December 2. I’ll be there from September 24-December 2. If you happen to love my writing and want me to speak at your company or organizations, I’d be happy to come speak. Email me at I do appreciate pay, a 5 star hotel accommodation and food.

7. Because I set my mind to going to Europe for 2 months, I forced myself to birth an ebook. I’m happy to say that I’ve sold 7 copies already!!! —-> Buy it here! <—–

After I booked my flight, I was like OMG I have to produce some type of passive income so I can travel and speak. I realized that I did not have to write a 200 page ebook, nor even format it. I just needed to keep it simple. A PDF. You can buy it here and find out how you can live crazy like me. Buy it today, what are you waiting for?

8. I got endorsed by Chris Brogan- author of The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth, NY BEST SELLING AUTHOR! Oh and guess what, Tony Robbins endorsed his book, so that means by default I’m already connected with Tony.


9. I’m giving workshops that help people live RAD lives. One is coming up this Saturday. No one has signed up yet, but that’s okay, I have a feeling 5 people will come because I can predict the future sometimes. 

Here are some of their testimonials:

“I attended one of Rebekka’s workshops and was happy to find out it was not a large group of people sitting in a room listening to a lecture about results that seem impossible to achieve, then having a small amount of time at the end to answer questions. Her workshop was small and interactive, and she was able to take her own knowledge and experience and apply it to each person individually with suggestions that are do-able. Ever since taking the workshop I’ve been re-discovering many of my forgotten talents and realize I can make money from skills I already have and things I already enjoy doing!”

“Rebekka’s workshop inspired me to take action and finally say YES to creating my own workshop and moving forward as an entrepreneur. Her wealth of personal knowledge encourages people to make real changes and she is genuinely interested in each of the group members who come to the workshop. She also has a FB group to help workshop members stay in touch and support each other to growth.”


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