Let Go Of The Past

Prophetic dream

I had a dream I was getting rid of a lot of stuff and I was trying to sell these shoes but they were Japanese shoes and were like $8 and not worth much. I was looking for clothes to wear to go dancing. I slid down a cutting board and landed near a guitar.

When I woke up I heard “let go of things and don’t be afraid of love”. In the dream there was a private room and this girl was taking over the room so I had no place to put my jewelry. It was full of napkins and stuff and I looked for a spot but it was all wet and I was mad about it.

However I realized I wouldn’t want to be in that room anyway. Then there was a yard sale and this lower landing area was being cleared up.When we have dreams about releasing things it’s talking about bad feelings, anger, resentments- things taking up our heart and soul that prevents us from receiving love or letting love in. Let love in.

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