Street Ministry Testimonies

This man lives in his car in Santa Monica – it was the second time I saw him and I decided to stop and talk to him
Y’all don’t even know how much I cried and how much I got persecuted, not knowing how I was going to survive ministering to people all over the world with a suitcase like I was homeless. Yet God always provided. Now I’m actually able to smile. I’m still learning to forgive those that misunderstood me and rejected and judged me because of the new wineskin of God.
Why am I willing to minister to people for no pay was beyond people. Because the Kingdom of God is priceless and eternal. There is no $ amount on it and y’all know that I’m rich in Christ Jesus though I’ve weathered intense situations where I didn’t know where I was going to sleep or what I was going to eat but I just followed God’s voice and people would question me because I wasn’t sent by a church.
They didn’t see my heart nor the power in Christ Jesus. They didn’t see that I was willing to allow my heart to be torn open and cry with those who were hurting, they judged from afar, safe from their homes while I was out on the streets.
Now I receive more love from the people who need it then the Pharisees. I’m always praying for their eyes to be open but I’m charging forward, not looking behind me.

How does my day usually look?

I wake up, then I hear “go to the beach or go to some city”. I was walking to Office Depot to print out a label and saw a man in his truck and God said “ask for a ride”.


He said “no” but then came back to pick me up. He dropped me off at Office Depot and then I went to the post office. On the road a man started talking to me. He said he wanted to get me lunch. Upon talking to him I found out his dad died so I told him that he had been made whole by Jesus’ sacrifice.

He started crying and asking God “why me? why did my dad die?”

I felt a bit emotionless for some reason, I guess it was too much to handle but I prayed for him and said that he needed to cry it out and not suck back his tears. He had a work accident where he fell of the second floor and broke his leg in two so I layed hands and prayed healing over him.

I went into the supermarket to pee and came out and he was gone.

Now I still heard go to Pasadena. I was debating on taking the bus or renting a car and I heard take the bus. There on the bus I met a guy who was called to be an actor. I got off the bus and took the train to Union Station to head to the beach. I was followed by a creepy guy and had to report him to the police. I was about to get on the train when a previous divine appointment got off the train.

As I remembered clearly I heard the Lord say “middle train” so I actually approached the middle train and bumped right into him.

Then a guy that I met before on the train came out. I was so surprised. He asked to borrow my phone to call his mom as his got stolen yesterday. Later on his mom called me and said he had been missing for a few days and explained he was going through some stuff with drinking.
Her mom and I talked for more than an hour about my story and hers. She said she had been praying that he would meet a kind soul to remind him to go home. And God sent me!
He had been talking about me and about prophesy to her after we had met a week or so ago on the train. Basically he complimented on my jumper and we talked for awhile. He went home and told her about me and at first she said something inappropriate like “was she drunk too?”
I prophesied to her that she would preach and tell her story. She also needed to quit her job which was a confirmation to her. She grew up catholic but had been filled with the Holy Spirit and had always been judged by the church, etc.
She had her son when she was 13 and lived on buses trying to survive. She had been through a crazy amount of trials
I got off the bus and saw a guy with a mohawk. I mean there are so many lost sheep on the streets. I usually know who they are by how they dress or the feeling I get.
I decided to walk home and then another guy I met on the bus before walked behind me. Him and his friend was walking home so I decided to join them. I learned that his mom was an alcoholic that abused him growing up. He was not Christian but believed in God.
Prophetic Word- 
Don’t give up hope, some have given up hope on marriage and dating. But don’t give up!

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