Set Free From Slavery, Adopted As A Child of God

Prophetic word- Set free from spirit of lack and bondage to death. God has anointed me to set people free from a spirit of lack and fear of lack.

My story-

I was working since the age of 8. I felt like I was an orphan because of words spoken over me. I felt like I was a burden to my mother who was a single mother. I felt like a financial burden so because of that I started working to become financially independent. I never relied on anyone.

But I felt unworthy and I felt like I never had enough. I felt like I wasn’t enough. Then God told me to sell everything and follow Him and at that time He told me to surrender $200, all that I had as I still needed $750 for rent and was late.

I remember so clearly at the altar He asked me “whose house are you building, yours or mine?”

I said Jesus, yours. I’m all yours, everything. I was weeping. I had tried to build my house, my life, I hadn’t surrendered everything and at that point I did. I surrendered my relationship, which wasn’t my life partner. I lost many friends back then.

I ended up moving back home and it was the first time I started to really get financial support from my mother. Even though she accused me, I realized that’s what being a child of God is like, you don’t earn your money, you receive it as a child.

I started to learn that I am a child of God and not an orphan.

I felt alone and like an orphan all my life. I was striving and unable to rest.

The two years I lived at home God told me to rest and that’s when I learned true grace. He says you are the righteousness of Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

I had nothing to boast in but that I’m righteous by the blood of Jesus, I’m not righteous by my works, by my career, by my accomplishments and accolades, by my savings account, by my possessions, by my reputation, by my family or friends.

I’m righteous by the blood of Jesus.

I had to lose everything to gain the one thing I needed to boast in alone.

Grace, not my works. But the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

If I boast in anything I can do for myself, I’m not living by the power of the Holy Spirit- I’m living under the law and where the law is there is the consequences of death.

When you work for your blessings- you only get that. 1 plus 1 (you and striving) is 2 (limited supply).

When know you are a child of God, Jesus= unlimited supply.

God told me that I deliver people out of Egypt, a land of slavery. In the land of slavery, they were slaves but they were regularly fed, even if it was mush.


In the promised land, they had to trust God to provide. They maybe didn’t know where the meals were coming from. But they had to partake freely without fear that they would run out.

He asks me to ask people to give their way out of slavery. It’s a seed of faith to say God I trust you will deliver me, not by my works but by grace.

I have been prophesying over people to leave their land of slavery (their career, a job, a city, a source of stability) and follow Jesus wholeheartedly; and right now a lot of people are getting offended because there is a strong root of lack in people, what is this root?

Fear of lack.

Fear that God won’t take care of them, that God will not provide, that God will leave them.

I’ve been helping people out of Egypt. Whether it’s a bondage of lack or idol worship, relationships, career that are idols and keep them in slavery.

That is why the offense and hurt is becoming greater because there’s a spiritual stronghold and fear is coming out. Where there is control, there is fear. You can deny it but this is what God is telling me.

Why isn’t God telling you? Because most people won’t listen. That is why He’s sending a messenger who will say it. I may lose many friends because of it. That’s okay. I’m following Jesus, not friends.

There is a massive migration of people going into the promise land, but the promise land means you will need to break off the yoke of slavery, idol worship of relying on what you can do in your flesh.

I have been called to be a deliver. You can shoot the messenger but God’s intention is to free you from bondage! It’s a bondage!!!! It’s not an aspiration or a goal!

You are living in fear and God is breaking off the yoke of slavery! He wants you to trust in Him completely!!!! Not your career, your work, your money!!!! Not your savings account!!!! Not what you can do in your flesh!!!!!

God is calling His people to trust and follow Him!!! Trust that God is leading you! That God will provide! His ways are greater than yours! His plans higher than yours! He is a good papa!

Why won’t you trust me says the Lord. My plans are to prosper you not to harm you. My plans are greater than your small dreams. Your dreams are too small.

Why don’t you stop making plans and follow your lover, Jesus.

Just follow His voice! Not your plans.

I break off the fear and spirit of slavery in Jesus name!


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