Love Does Useless Things Because It is Extravagant

It’s how you love well

Love above all things

Love above how much you pray and how well you pray

Love above religion

Love for the way you cry and hurt with people

Love in the way you forgive those who have hurt you

Love the way you allow your heart to feel

Love the way you open your heart despite the risk of pain

Love the way you experience the pain but decide to keep loving

Love above all

Love does absolutely useless things. It flounders about on the yard, afternoon sun, staring up at clouds. Love chats for way too long talking of hearts’ deepest wounds and deepest longing.

Love is wasteful. Love pours out expensive fragrance on Jesus feet. It’s counter productive and is not measured by cost.

Love doesn’t count the cost, it pours out in endless obsession. Love cries many tears, it’s unmeasurable.

The world without love is scary, it is filled with fear. Love warms the heart like a cup of coffee. Love is open, unafraid, doesn’t count how long or how wide. Time doesn’t seem to matter when love is involved.

How well do you love?

God is asking you to open your heart today. Stop counting, stop using your head, stop thinking, when’s the last time you felt the pain? Even if it’s the pain of betrayal.

You can have the right answers, but it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about kneeling with those who have been accused and wrapping your arms around them- you are free, that’s what Jesus did.

He didn’t judge, He didn’t condemn, He only loved.

Love is scary because it means you will feel as much as the other feels, you will hurt with them.

It means people will surely disappoint you at one point, they have the power to betray you. But that is love, there is a risk.

God will never forsake or leave you. His ways are perfect. He will always fill the void others cannot fill. He is the perfect husband.

I love you, you who read my blog. I don’t know you but today I am praying for your heart.

May the Lord open your heart. Because He loves you unconditionally. Jesus is the one you’ve been looking for. He can fill every desire in your heart. He will never leave nor forsake you.

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Above is a picture of my pod and a lady I ministered to last year, she works at the same place. Good to see the same faces filled with more hope and joy second and third time around!