How Much Longer Will You Wait? Jesus Is Calling You!

Prophetic dream- YOU ARE OUTGROWING your environment! It’s time to rise! HOLY SPIRIT is doing the impossible and you can ONLY move with Him NOW!

I had a dream I was playing in a playground with a girl and she went to the store and saw little pants, they were really cool and I said I wish they had it in my size but they were all too small.

And they were playing with a carriage thing and they said it’s flying by the Holy Spirit!

When I woke up I had vision where there was fire burning from my bed all the way out and I was also very hot. During dinner I had hotpot and invited my host to share the dinner with me. The worker tried to extinguish the fire under but several times the fire kept burning and they couldn’t extinguish it. At first the fire was so lit that it went outside the pot, almost burning my hand.

You will either fly by the Holy Spirit or live by the flesh. Choose today who you will serve, your logic or Jesus. Because those who move by the Holy Spirit will be pronounced and elevated, people will take notice. They will ask why and how? How is that person burning with power????


I hear the Lord say choose today who you will serve! He is beckoning the ones the remnant who are willing to leave everything behind and follow Him – like me, who will trust Him to provide, to walk into the darkest places and proclaim freedom to the captives. He is beckoning the love filled ones- who do you love more? Your life or me?????

I am filled with so much fire I am ready to preach a whole stadium down.

I feel an urgency to wake up the church, wake up the people of God.

Wake up!!! Stop putting your idols first, your sense of security, your small jobs and small lives.

You have the risen one inside of you!!!! The presence of God inside of you! Rise up and walk like it! Live like it! Stop holding onto your little earthly security!!

I have walked the talk for the last year where I saw God do miracles. Though it was really scary I suddenly burn with even more passion!!!! There were days I’d seriously didn’t know if I would have a place to stay or money for food. But God would provide, always. This is the type of faith I live. I don’t question God, He is all I have. Plan a is always God. I don’t have a plan b.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! When God says go to this city in 2 days time, I Go! I don’t question God. I live only for Him!

He provides for me, His prophet and child! I’m John the Baptist making a way for Jesus- our Lord!!!

Who wants to say yes to Jesus???? This is not an ordinary blog. It’s a spirit filled blog.

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