Overcoming Insecurities

Over my lifetime I’ve had my insecurities.

When I was younger I felt like I was too skinny. I wished for the day I would get boobs.

Then when I got older I loathed that my thighs were so thick and my butt too big, my hips too big.

I never worried about weight before but all of sudden I started gaining weight. It especially started when my mother started criticizing me about my looks.

“You’re starting to gain weight”.

I couldn’t help my bone structure was big in the hips.

This was not attractive to Asian culture.

Maybe in America sure but not in Asia. People are called beautiful when they are stick skinny.

For some time I battled with hypothyroid, for about 3 months.

I started taking communion and believing Jesus already healed me by his stripes. Within 3 months my levels were normal and I refused to take medicine which gave me insomnia and fast heartbeats.

I drank herbal medicine and mostly a lot of seaweed, but what really saved me was relaxing- the word healing has the Hebrew word rapha in it – which means relax. I learned this from a Joseph prince video.

I was gaining weight when my levels were abnormal. I also experienced vertigo. I knew this was all the devil’s doing.

The worst thing is that even friends took note of it and had to tell me. Thanks for letting Satan use you!


Anyways, even today I felt like I was growing a double chin and started to feel insecure. I felt ugly to be honest and I know you’ll say “no you’re not, you’re beautiful” but the devil is such a liar right?

Anyways I had to utter under my breathe

“I am enough because when God sees me He sees Jesus, nothing lacking, whole, unblemished”.

So if you’re feeling insecure and I know everyone has something they feel a bit insecure about- just remember in Christ you are whole and unblemished!

You are a new creation and the old has passed. You are beautiful in His sight!

True transformation never comes from condemnation but grace. When you know you are loved by God you won’t be moved by the voice of the accuser.

Today I also talked to someone who said he needed to lose weight so women would find him attractive, but I said you are enough.

Sow a seed-