The Presence Of A Father

I didn’t grow up with my dad. In fact, it was a lot of distance, I saw him fighting with my mom then 10 years of absence. Then I tried to bridge the gap.

God became my father.

He fathered me well, He provided when I needed it. But I often still feel lack, I felt like I was lacking. I felt unwanted and rejected.

But He said walk with me. Trust me to do the impossible.

I received Jesus when I was 12 and I’ve walked on water. Impossible things became possible in my life. Imagine not being able to pay for school and suddenly a scholarship that you applied for last year calls you to say “we were too lazy to pick a winner this year so we picked the second place from last year as the winner this year”.

Today I want to say a word of gratitude for the many people that have supported God’s work through me. In the last 11 months I have been to 15 countries and the way God orchestrated everything still blows my mind.

When I went to each country, there were times I didn’t have the money to buy a return ticket. Many times God told me not to book accommodation in advance. Imagine flying into a foreign country at 2am at times without any plan or place to stay. He led me to where people needed a prophetic word or healing. His divine timing and place was so specific that I had to listen and trust Him.

At one airport I noticed a man was rubbing his shoulder and I asked to pray for him. It turned out he was just itchy but that led to prayer and conversation. He said he could give me a ride to the city but then mid way he said I could stay with his family. That was really my sole assignment for Melbourne, a family God loved so much and healing for myself too.

Then other times God led me to a specific hostel so I could minister to individuals, some days I would pray for 10-20 people but some days there was one or two people that were dear to God’s heart.

I felt completely broken at times.

I remember crying a lot in Japan. I hadn’t fundraised or really shared what I was doing with people.

I was doing everything in obedience to God’s voice.

It was so hard.

By then I had run out of money and was living on a credit card.

Yet God said, keep going.

I was afraid of judgment from religious conservatives because I was brought up in a baptist church and now I was spirit filled and spirit led. I

Sure, judgements came at times- which church do you go to?

Jesus’ church. I am His church.

Well you should really go with people or go with a church because it’s not good to be alone.

If Jesus had told me to, I would.

But He didn’t.

If I did I’d be disobeying God.

He wanted my complete trust.

One time at a hostel I prophesied over an Italian woman. She exclaimed! It’s everything I needed to hear!!! I’m trying to move to Australia but there are so many things in the way.

I had prophesied a new beginning and that she needed to trust it was already in place. She was not a believer but this encouragement word opened her heart to Jesus.

I went forward each time in faith not knowing how God would provide. My work was to bring back the lost and wounded sheep and to bring non believers to Jesus, to prophesy over people.

One time in New Zealand I was walking past an art gallery and went in to look at the subversive art showing the hypocrisy of priests and religious leaders.

I prophesied over the atheist artist that he was painting around the world. Even though he said he was old I said he will do it!

I’ve met incredible brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Their faith and love inspires me. I met people who really loves Jesus and not just the image of being a Christian.

I’ve also learned to understand that not everyone is like me and that’s okay. The hardest thing was being misunderstood by other believers but I learned to find my worth in Christ and not in peoples’ opinion of me.

Most people said they’ve never ever met anyone like me or that was doing what I was doing.

That comforted me but also discouraged me. Because deep down I wish more people live in faith versus fear, I wish more people put God to the test and have faith to move mountains. I wish more people lived boldly and stopped trying to live for peoples’ expectations. I wish more Christians live outside the walls of a church and live more like the church.

Because on the other side – I’ve seen God move mountains no men could have moved. I mean imagine not having the means to stay at a hostel and next thing you know you have a hostel bed to sleep in. Or not having enough to eat and then God tells you to prophesy over a woman who just saw someone die on her flight, then she gives you enough for a day.

Or praying over a boy on the playground and because of your faith, a woman is moved by your testimony, convicted and gives you enough to move onto the next city.

Today’s divine appointment was a Taiwanese man who showed me the abandoned cats on the street. He said sometimes he feeds them but at night a couple drives through and feeds all the cats.

Even the cats don’t hunger, God knows all of our needs and He provided for them!

Sow a seed-