Sign Up For Online Classes!

God told me to promote these classes. None of us can do life alone and the great thing about these classes is that they are in Facebook groups so you always have access to the videos and spirit filled wisdom posted on there!

If you want to join a class, send in the $50 class fee and include your Facebook profile link if I’m not Facebook friends with you yet and I’ll add you to the class you indicate!

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For anyone who wants to learn how to hear God and live a spirit led life. I will be sharing from my experience of following the spirit in 14 countries and how I went to South Africa with $20 in my pocket and how I ended up starting a ministry from nothing. I’ve prayed over thousands of individuals and have overcome fear of rejection, judgment, lack and failure. What God has shown me is that in Christ we have freedom to live life without fear!

This is an online class for people who want to learn about living in the never ending supply of God.

And learning that abundance is not something you step into but it’s an identity!

Send $50 class fee to-

I look forward to having you!!!