I am the dream

I am the dream.

You are the dream.

No really. I am the dream, I am not chasing dreams. Dreams are manifesting within me. There are billions of words ready to be said, spoken to the world, story lines, stories, jokes, numbers, globs of paint on canvas, I am the dream.

I am the dream and I don’t and am not waiting for your validation. I am so delusional that I dream about smurfs and fantasies, I choose to walk my own path even when the rest hangs off the cliff of validation.

I am the dream. And until you realize you are the dream, you will chase winds.

I was talent and cast in two different TV shows, one filmed in Paris, one in Cebu and one thing I’ve learned is that even the ones who you think know better, don’t. They are themselves, searching for answers, for dreams, for validation that they have not received.

Not all, but some. Like a bunch of birds following lost birds. This empowered my heart to dig deeper and look that little baby in the sink, you are enough.


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