My Worse Travel Experience


If I said I loved cebu, I would be lying. It may be because I went there for work but it was probably the worse experience I’ve ever had and I’ve traveled solo to 20 countries or so as an Asian woman.

No amount of resort hopping made up for how bad it was. And I’ve gotten food poisoning in galapagos, had a car accident in bali and was bed ridden for two weeks, had cussing confrontations with men in Morocco, gotten racist remarks thrown at me…

I tried to be positive too, I’ve always been a positive person. But when my phone got jacked while I was waiting on line…had someone push against me, I screamed for help and everyone stared at me, the police was unconcerned, tried to help me, but when I went to the video room, the proceed to ask me the most inappropriate victim blaming questions like “how come you’re not with your boyfriend?”

“Are you single?”

“Why did you put your phone there?”

Basically these men were hitting on me and I had to feel unsafe after getting my fucking phone stolen? The police station was even more shady, the police were trying to get close, they kept asking me if I was single and I felt really unsafe.

The next day I got a friend request from the swat officer who escorted me to the police station. He asked for my number and I said I already gave him my boss’s number. He said, no what’s your direct number in case I need help.


But the unsafeness didn’t end there.

I was at karaoke with my fellow cast and this Korean dude kept asking me if I was Chinese. When he left, he literally felt up my back, my friend said “don’t fucking touch her” and I said the same thing. I felt yucky, it was too late to throw a punch. My other friend suggested I should wear my jacket and I was like hell no, I’m hot. It made me mad that women are made to feel unsafe and that men are not kept accountable for their actions.

That’s just a few reasons I hated cebu,philippimes. But you see I don’t hate everyone there, of course. I just hate what happened there. I hated the energy I felt. Bad shit does happen to good people. The most positive people.

When I got back to la, my whole body felt tense and sore, like it was tense the whole time I was there and it was finally releasing.

I wish the world was completely safe for women, but the truth is, it isn’t. And until people are held responsible for their actions, they will continue to think its ok, its not ok to steal, its not ok to step into peoples personal space or boundaries.

And of course all this shit happens in America too.

And at the end of the day, I won’t regret ever traveling, I won’t regret a life of freedom and believing that there are good people in this world. Because the spirit of fear and darkness wants usto fear.

That’s why I’m dedicated to fighting injustice, evil and perpetrators.

So if you see something; say something. Not every country has the same morals but if you feel wronged, try to make a change. Try to show that it is not right.



7 thoughts on “My Worse Travel Experience

  1. Melodie Chang

    Rebekka I love your posts I think it’s right to stand up for what you believe in. My concern is why do you curse all the time as a Christian you should be setting a better example am I right? Words are powerful but your character is true but cursing and saying the F word really makes my daughter cringe been reading your site. Please let me know what you think

    1. Hi Melodie, Thanks for your comment. The truth is I am a follower of Jesus who talks to Jesus everyday. I don’t obey religious rules because that is us reaching God and God has reached me already by his grace. What does that mean? God has given me freedom to write how I feel, not write how I think Christians should write. God has given me permission to be authentically me and that means using the F word, using the S word, using whatever words convey my true emotion because I believe God loves when we are honest. And God has personally said that He loves my honesty and loves my authenticity.
      Because I believe that is what God loves more than rules, authenticity and He came to set us free, not to bind us.

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