Post travel emotions 

I’ve kind of settled down a little and am processing a lot of emotions. I’m in taiwan but eventually will go back to LA. I met probably a hundred people or more on the road and heard stories that made my heart sick, sad, angry. 

I saw things that made me cringe and of course things that made my heart soar with delight. 

I’m still processing how I feel. 

I’m sensitive, I find myself wanting to cry, my body hurts from Southeast Asia heat, my heart groans from the aftermath of seeing poverty, greed, lack, grief….seeing darkness and everything in between in the eyes of human beings around the world, made my heart feel unbearable. 

Can I survive this? 

I’ve been harassed on the streets, grabbed at, yelled at, I’ve seen love too, from fellow human beings. 

I am focusing on myself this month. I need to feed my soul. 

Here’s some Taiwanese food-    


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