My cultural heritage 

Having moved from Germany, to Taiwan to America, I encountered a lot of prejudice for being an immigrant or not speaking English.

Traveling through Southeast Asia I’ve encountered daily prejudices that I shrugged off but tonight I felt all the emotions welling up and ended up crying. I confronted it, it felt good. 

The thing is I want to be seen as a human being, not a race, culture or country. I’m an individual, with emotions, feelings, personality, hopes and dreams. 

How can we make changes in this world? 

One person at a time, see people as individuals, not for what the media tells you about a country.

All the hackling on the street, people asking me where I’m from, feels like verbal rape. It’s unwanted. 

It’s assault to the soul. 

There’s things I can’t explain- maybe just look up what third culture kid is.