What It’s Really Like To Live In A Hostel

Some people get freaked out when I tell them I’m staying at a hostel.

Well, it’s not that scary. Movies like Taken and Hostel just instills fear in people, it keeps people from traveling because they think traveling has to cost a lot. Well, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Plus, people think the world is a dangerous place or that perhaps they’ll get slaughtered and cut up or locked up in the basement of a hostel (aka the movies).

Here are some friends I’ve made in London (at the hostel). You meet a lot of life-long friends and you can travel with them 🙂

This is us the other night, we found the only hip hop club in London, after much persistence the DJ finally played DRAKE. Then we hit up another electronic and house club and sure enough, it was what I expected of the UK. Well, I didn’t expect so many hipsters. Brixton is the place to be and if you want to stay at a fun hostel, try Hootannany Hostel. There’s a great bar downstairs, I’ve gotten used to the noise with ear plugs, nothing can wake me up!

Great staff and lovely surroundings. I’ll be heading to Amsterdam on a megabus on Wednesday, if you’re there, would love to meet you- Rebekkalien@gmail.com

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10175052_10154673226350603_6021907457349042277_n 1897820_10154654802670603_1956191395759716102_n

Here’s the kitchen and our daily hang out place.

10252020_10154651506840603_1252813667617550726_nThe common room where everyone lounges and watches hours of television, play guitar and relax10403323_10154654804950603_6266110333751947287_n

My attempt at making English food.



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