4 Things You Must Do As An Entrepreneur

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Come join us for this coming Thursday’s Yoga and Meditation class- 7-8pm 

1. Write down what your PRIORITIES are-

If your priorities is to grow your business and learn as much as you can about your business, going to VEGAS may not be what is in your budget or even time and energy. If your priorities is to develop strategies in your business, then hanging out with friends who just want to have fun all the time is not on your TO DO list. If you are trying to create a new business or website, maybe you have marketing expenses, you’ll have to skip the weddings and birthday parties. Obviously, there are times that going to those events are advantageous, but you learn to cut out “niceties” – things that you do because you feel bad or because you “should” versus you “want to”.

2. Shrug your shoulder and back to most of the world-

Most of the world only cares about the external world. Most people only care about what people think. You turn your head and look the other way. As an entrepreneur you must seek time alone to reflect and learn, go deeper so you can grow in an exponential and personal way. You must go against the grain in many areas in your life. There are things that people will just not understand, but you do not have to try to fit into their thinking.

3. Do It Now-

You must act quickly on your ideas. The more you have something on your mind, the more it’s the universe’s way of telling you “DO IT”. I could have waited and “thought about” all the things I wanted to do – this is what most people do. They think about traveling, they think about creating their own business, they think about falling in love, they think about moving….while people were thinking, I hopped onto planes and backpacked to Ecuador, Australia, Brazil, Asia, I tried so many businesses that your head would spin if you had to do it yourself. While people were thinking, I tried different jobs, everything from marketing to business development, I moved 3 times. I designed Halloween costumes, became a columnist for a newspaper, became a Leasing manager (minus the desk), tutored mandarin, taught cello and piano, became a Real Estate agent, developed a coaching course, created my own Yoga and Meditation class…and do I still long to be tied to a desk? Do I long for stability, no. The instability of entrepreneurship outweighs the stability of clinging onto a job I hate. Because my life is unstable, I can take commercial acting classes on sunday nights and attend my cousin’s performance at the W Hotel on a random weeknight. Because my life is unstable, I can schedule my own yoga classes. Because life is unstable, I can book a flight to Israel and ride camels if I wanted to. 

4. Don’t be FOMO- 

Don’t have the fear of missing out. This is especially for people like me – who are extroverted and love people pleasing, NO, just say no. You do not have to attend every single networking and social event!!! People ask me LEFT AND RIGHT to attend their events. I pick and choose carefully, do network but be selective. Listen to that inner voice, there is only 1 of you. I have gotten most of my leads, clients, opportunities from networking.

Come join us for this coming Thursday’s Yoga and Meditation class- 7-8pm 

922 E Huntington Drive San Marino

Above you will see some of the pictures of the Yoga and Meditation class I teach each Thursday. This class begun with my own passion of fitness and seeking deeper in times of entrepreneurial stress. I realized that everyone is looking for a place to be, to sit still and to find their core.




2 thoughts on “4 Things You Must Do As An Entrepreneur

  1. I personally believe that in this day and age, being an entrepreneur is the only way out of this tight netted society and to make something of yourself ( to get rich).

    Im 19, still hoping that one day I will be able to become an entrepreneur and this post really helped alot…

    My blog is also of similar interest and if you have some spare time… come and check it out. If you like it, feel free to follow 😀

    1. Thank you so much! I just left a comment on your blog! Don’t let people doubt you because of your age. I’m 26 and people have told me that I’m like an 80 year old. I have an old soul because of my life experience and journey. Just know who you are….and also beyond getting rich, ask yourself “what for and why?”

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