The Entrepreneurial Path


The entrepreneurial path is probably the most difficult path anyone will ever take…I mean, anyways, seems like it.

As I sit in my bed, feeling elated after teaching my yoga and meditation class, I feel a sense of contribution…that I have contributed something worthy to peoples’ lives.

My entrepreneurial path is like a roller coaster. Most people see the smiley faces, but they have no idea what I look like when I’m depressed, when I cry or when I’m just plain angry. Since life is unstable for most entrepreneurs, we often go from supremely happy to extremely depressed. These are personal faces I show to myself and to close friends around me. I’m human too though. In fact, being an entrepreneur has forced me to confront negative and limiting beliefs that was hindering my growth. You see, your mindset and beliefs about how life should be IS EVERYTHING.

Every SINGLE thing around you was CHOSEN by you. 

The clothes you wear, the people you choose to spend time with, the things you choose to buy, the furniture around you…the people you choose to associate yourself with, it’s ALL YOU baby.

Yep, and as I face this fact, I am slowly unraveling the consequences of my choices as well as letting go of the past so that I can move forward. In order to live a better life, you have to let go of your past life. Our minds are creatures of habit, we need to reinvent our thoughts so we can progress to a better thinking, which will lead to – hopefully what we envision. 

The entrepreneurial path is full of excitement, I have no set schedule, I determine my destiny…but it is also easy to get distracted by the plethora of unnecessary news flooding facebook and social media. Where is there one place I can be still and be? (Yoga/Meditation).

My hour of teaching has helped even myself set intentions and center my core.

My days are flooded with demands from work, training people, marketing, social media, bookkeeping, I do it all. I’m now at a place in life where I realize I must delegate so I have the energy to renew my strategies and at times, seriously, REST.

I feel a rush of various emotions I can’t really explain…I’ll have to write a poem:

Mondays are fundays, I laugh with comedic individuals and pretend to fly like a bird

Tuesdays I dive into work like a monkey frantic for acceptance and bananas

Wednesdays I pluck cello strings with students and run wild to networking events

Thursdays I hone into my to-do list and wash dishes on breaks

Fridays I convene with like minded individuals and cast lots to break a leg

Saturday I write poetry and newspaper articles, while making up readable blog posts

Sundays I attend 4 hours of acting class and watch myself cook dried chicken on the stove

Yah, so that’s my poem. Things are coming easier to me these days because I have determined that business will come easily to me. I am proud to say that I will be on an official interview podcast on July 7! Some people ask me how I get all these opportunities, I don’t get them honey, I look for and ask for them. 

But enough asking, I’ve sown my seeds, now I am welcoming all the harvest to hurry up and come forth. Now my sacrifice is to rest….interesting how resting is a sacrifice for me. I can’t help being a GET IT DONE kind of woman. 

I am a tiger, I get things done, that’s all I have got to say.


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