Divine Alignment in Business


What is divine alignment?
It is the idea that there is a greater force placing you with the right people at the right time. Whether you are spiritual, new age, or perhaps believe in molecules aligning…divine alignment brings ease, grace and rest into your life.

I don’t believe in working hard, I believe in working smart.

I have tons of people ask me what I spend most of my time on in terms of my career and entrepreneurial journey. I live in divine alignment, so I am aligned in my spirit and my being wherever and whenever. Most of the time, divine alignment actually springs from passion and desires in our hearts. I don’t define my spirit being as a entrepreneur, realtor, speaker…I am Rebekka, don’t corner me into a job title. That is just TOO small for me. I’m an art form, I create like a moving artwork. 

Well, don’t most people live the way the want to?

No, actually a lot of people live out of other peoples’ expectations for their lives. Perhaps you hear this “you should do this….or that”. Even you feel guilty doing what you love. Maybe you love painting for fun or you love skateboarding instead of wearing a suit to work everyday. Maybe you love pastries and wine tasting. Anything can be a career, anything can be a business. 

Divine alignment happens when we decide to honor our desires and dreams and discipline our minds to think positively….it happens when our minds are completely transformed to submit to the divine power that is everywhere and in you. 

I do a lot of things that people don’t consider work, it is because I am listening to my heart and spirit to go wherever….it springs from pure passion for everything I value. Because I live out of pure passion and love, I attract the type of connections that lead me to the right opportunities for me to work in a way that expresses my highest being. 

I value people, community, trust, freedom, fun, celebration, beauty, wealth, success, health and friendship. 

Because I know my values, I attract like-minded people and stay away from people that try to change my values. Every boundary I set is intentional. Every habit I live by is intentional. I weed out hindrances or weight, I stay away from drama or drama queens and kings…I simplify my life with great people and opportunities to grow as a human and spiritual being. 

Some people complain about their lives, but maybe it is because they are not WILLING to let go of the negative influences in their lives. You can’t welcome a new future while holding onto the past. 

I believe each one of us are spiritual beings that were put on this earth to heal each other. None of us are perfect, we’re not just on earth to survive, we’re on this earth to FLOURISH and to become the most beautiful beings that we can possibly be. The human heart comes alive when we touch each other with a healing hand, encouragement, story…movie, expression, music, art, whatever it is. 



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