13 Days of Meditation- Day 12 -You Are the Average of 5 People

You are the average of 5 people that you spend time with. Jim Rohn

We rarely think to clean out our friends list right? But we clean up our finances, we clean out our closets, we evaluate our goals and change our tactics to improve our careers, but we often don’t evaluate our friendships. There are moments in life where we become close with certain friends, but especially when your paths change and your vision leads you onto another path (not necessarily a better path, just another path), you must learn to let go of that friendship. 

When I was younger, I remember times that people would tell me to calm down. I always had this fire and passion, but it was too difficult for others to absorb. I learned to detain this fire.

However, I realize I am detaining a fire that is too big to selfishly hold onto.

This fire is a fire for love, passion, life, an overflowing life, justice, human rights, womens’ rights, and much more. I know this won’t be an easy path, it has never been an easy path…but at the same time I have realized that my passion will lead me far in life. Instead of suppressing the fire, I need to set it on the mountain so others can glean from it as well.

So next time a friend tells you to calm down, perhaps it is time to evaluate a new path and new friends.

Write down 5 people you want to spend a majority of your time with- do they share similar values? Do you add to each other? Is it a two way street?


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